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We help readers like you find out the best free and low cost software, related to Screen recorders, Video Editors, Screencast Software and eLearning authoring tools. There are also other related issues which may be interesting to you here too. We are independent reviewers, editors, writers and do not belong to any organization or enterprise.

Principles Of Publishing Content

The contents on this site maybe not 100% unique, but 100% useful and valuable for visitors from our point of view. This site is about:

 A Post or page refers to an elearning software/ authoring tool that we might want to recommend to you.

A summarized list of free screen recorders, video editors, elearning software, html5 tools and so on which we’ve checked carefully.

A tip or a how-to video for a specific product which we think it is helpful and interesting to you.

How We Work?

Elearning Supporter is a group of brothers, sisters and friends who have the same interest in education industry, information technology, marketing and PR. We often search for products/software/ services related to online education industry (e-Learning), test them and  write reviews.

Our Targets

Provide a safe, useful, online place for professionals, novices in this industry to discuss related issue, download specific products/ services with no fear of internet-potential-risks. 

√ Share valuable knowledge to as many people as possible.

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You are free to comment any thing you like on this site. However, if we see that your comment maybe an action of spams or any irrelevant content, we may delete your comments without any notice.

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All posts/ pages on our site may not be republished without written permission of Elearning Supporter or dedicated Authors.

How do we earn money?

We can earn money from the advertisements, displayed automatically on this site. And we can also earn a small commission when you purchase a product from the affiliate links we put under a product.

As Elearning Supporter provides unbiased reviews and buying guides for all kind of software, mainly useful freeware. There are some ways to support us if you are a familiar readers on our site:

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Find a software on the header menu or try a quick search on our website. You can also visit below categories if you are interested in a specific program.

Camtasia Studio 9 Recording tools

Screen Recorder is a handy tool to help you record video and audio from your computer’s screen. It is often used for making tutorial videos, product demos, training video or software simulation.

You are able to read our reviews about the best screen recorders for Windows, Mac and Linux in this category. >>Find a Screen Recorder now!

Best Video Editors

Professional video editing software is extremely a complicated program that you need to learn and practice day by day to get familiar with it. Especially if you want to make use of all its advanced features. Anyhow, a good video editing software must provide an simple work flow and possibility to use advanced features easily. Find a Video Editor Now!


eLearning Software: Nowadays people are so fond of professional and well-known software that forget about the fact that they are always exorbitant. In order to create a professional elearning courses, you don’t really need those expensive software. There are many other options to consider in the world now. Find an elearning software now!


HTML5 language is definitely the most widely used one by website designers and developers all over the world. It provides not only rich feature set such as eyes catchy visual elements, well defined tags and very easy to use.  As a result, your website will become more attractive to visitors and off course, increase your sales. Find a HTML5 Tool now!

We wish you all the best and hope you enjoy your time when you are here. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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