How To Create Question Pools In ActivePresenter 7

Question pool contains a number of questions or quizzes which are going to be used to randomize the order of questions in a quiz. It is crucial for e-learning course design when you wish to reuse questions for different purposes. You know that ActivePresenter can help you do such things quickly, right? Let's learn how to create question pools in ActivePresenter 7 from this tutorial videos.

How To Customize Hotkeys In ActivePresenter 7

If you are using ActivePresenter 7, you know that this software allows you to customize hotkeys for your favorite actions such as take screenshot, start and stop recording, open a new project, save project and so on. Each person has their favorite hotkey, let's learn how to customize hotkeys in ActivePresenter 7 in this tutorial video - from Atomisystem YouTube channel.

How To Create New Timeline In ActivePresenter

Creating a new timeline give you more control on the project especially when you have various events and actions to be execute during the course. ActivePresenter is a powerful e-learning authoring software that allows you to edit in multiple timeline. Watch this tutorial video to learn how to add new timeline in ActivePresenter 7.

How To Change Project Size In ActivePresenter 7

Project size (or slide size) defines the dimension of your project. It affects your output when you export your project in video formats or HTML5. In ActivePresenter 7, you should always change the project size according to your requirements before starting doing anything to save time. To do that, take a look at this video tutorial.

How To Design Responsive E-Learning Courses In ActivePresenter 7

Responsive e-learning courses allow learners to access from any device. It's also help you save time in e-learning development since you have to create only 1 version that runs on all platforms. ActivePresenter is a powerful e-learning authoring tool that helps you do it quickly. Learn how to to create responsive e-learning course from this video tutorial.

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