The Only Free Way To Promote Your Website Effectively – Great Content

The best way to promote your website effectively for free is to create great content that readers want. You don’t need to do all other stuff like sharing on social media, building back links and many other things.

The best way to promote website for free

Nowadays, building a website is not a difficult issue for most people. While promoting your website is a challenging issue for not only small enterprises but also the big ones. The question “How to promote a website effectively for free?” is what I am trying to answer today.

  • First of all, you need to understand why you need to promote your website before we dig into the cases.
    Your website is the place you introduce about you, your products or services. It represents your brand or business in the online business environment.
  • A professional, high ranked website can drive a lot of visitors from your potential customers; hence increase your sales results at no doubt.
  • Most customers start their purchasing procedure by searching online to find out the suppliers in their industry. They often search on Google, Bing, Duckduckgo…and many other search engines to figure out potential partners instead of other offline methods.

How Many Ways to Promote Your Website?

There are many ways to promote your website you can learn from other sources such as: optimize SEO, build your social media channel, contact influencers in your niche, advertise through mass media, sponsor for a sport team or a famous entertainers…ect. And all these strategies cost money, lots of money. If you are only single men or women working at home or a small Start-up company with very limited financial resources for your marketing campaign, what can you do?

The only free way is focusing on “great content”

With limited resources, you can not do all the things at the same time. My advice is to focus on what you are best at. Take a deep breath and think about this question “What is your best skill?” – Is it Writing? If yes, then you are able to promote your website effectively for Free now. By writing and publishing “great content” everyday, you are able to bring your website to more and more readers which means that your website is being promoted for free. Added to that, search engine like Google, Bing will visit your site more often and increase your ranking position for sure.

So, what is “great content”?

Many people think that “great content” has to be a long post with pictures, charts, videos and so many other things.

It is totally wrong! Yes, I am 100% sure.

Content is great for you but it worth nothing to me and via versa. There is no content that great for everyone. Then, why do we have to pursue for “great content”? No, we don’t need to create great content every time.

What kind of content you need to write for your website?

While creating content on your website, you only need to consider following questions:

  1. Who will read this content? Potential customers or your existing customers?
  2. What will readers get from this content? Knowledge, tutorial, product description or a guide for purchasing procedure or whatever you want to deliver to your readers.
  3. What will readers think about this content when they ready it?
  4. What will readers should do after they read your content? Make a call to you or click Buy Now button or drop an inquiry to your email?

By considering these above mentioned questioned, you are now able to create “great content” for your website. It is great because it meet readers’ requirements. That is the only reason.

What will you do after creating a “great content”? – Nothing! You don’t need to do anything! Believe me!

If you have created a useful, valuable content for readers, you don’t need to do anything, even share it on social media channels like many other advises on the internet. What you have to do is thinking about new articles for your website and continue to write more “great content” on your website. By doing this way, you get trusted from search engines as well as from your visitors. As a result, your website DA, DP and ranking position will be increased and attract more customers to know your site.

I know that you are confused about my advice. So, I will tell you some real successful stories for your reference in my next post. They are very long stories. I need some times to write them down in detail and upload to here.

Bottom Line

The best free way to promote a website effectively is creating “great content”. The content must be unique, useful to your readers and include your expert knowledge, call-to-action message. Remember to think about readers when writing, NOT SEARCH ENGINES.

If you think my post is valuable, share with your friends and colleagues. Let me know what do you think about my advice.
Good Luck!


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