Common Video Editing Mistakes

In video editing, it doesn’t matter you are novice or professional, you may sometimes meet these common mistakes. See what are they to avoid them to help you make better videos in the future.

5 common video editing mistakes advised by TechSmith

1. Poor Audio/ Inconsistent Audio

Pro Tip: Close your eyes and just listen to your video. If it sounds off, it needs to be adjusted regardless of how amazing your footage is!

How To Fix: Most video editors have audio control right on the track. Adjust the audio until the voice and music harmoniously blend together without one sounding more powerful than the other.

2. The Jump Cut

Pro Tip:Explore other editing options. Such as setting up another camera angle and cutting to a different angle in the same scene, or providing a transition so the viewer is less jarred.

How to fix: There are a ton of different types of cutting styles out there and you’ll need to begin to understand how to use these as you move forward in your editing adventure.

3. Incomplete transitions

Pro Tip: Make sure your previous clips are long enough or adjust your transition time.

How to fix: Camtasia makes it very easy to trim your video clips. After you have set the proper length, just drag and drop a transition on. Often times you will see incomplete transitions using “wipe transitions”, this can be fixed by simply extending the previous clip.

4. Music Doesn’t Fit

Pro Tip: Focus on your edit first, then find music that fits your edit.

How to fix: There are plenty of stock and royalty free music sites out there for you to use. Most of them provide a way to filter by genre or mood, so that you can find the right track for the occasion. We’ve compiled a short list of sites for your use. Keep in mind that if your producing anything commercially, you may have to license these tracks for an extended period of time.

5. Inconsistent Graphics

Pro Tip: Select a font and stick with it. Use it throughout your video for lower thirds, title cards and more. Pick a color palette and stick with it. Change your creative where it fits. If you find yourself saying, “but it looks cute!” it probably needs to be changed.

How To Fix: Take a look at some tutorials on how to animation and effects to your graphics or text in Camtasia. (from TechSmith blog)

5 Common Mistakes advised by Atomi Systems

1. Edit Videos Without Planning

Working without a plan can make you fall victim to over-editing. And, too many edits will make your video unnatural.

A professional video editor always plans his work first. So, if you want to edit video like a pro, it’s better to create a work plan from the ground up.

What do you want to edit in that video? How will the changes impact on your audience? How much time does it take to edit? Do you need to insert background music, closed caption or anything else into your video? You should make a list of questions, and find out final answers before getting started.

Note that a messy workflow can cost you a great deal of time and effort. So, keep your work plan simple.

2. Choose the Wrong Video Editing Tool

A right video editing tool may become your “weapon”, but it’s hard to find one. With so many products out there, you can get distracted by very powerful features or unique ones which you later realized that they are the things you rarely or never use. It’s a waste of time (or even money) if you purchased something that doesn’t meet your need or you don’t like. Choose the best video editor here!

Don’t rush to install Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro unless you have a clear understanding of editing video.

3. Choose the Wrong Background Music

Many novices don’t realize the importance of background music in videos. They often tend to choose a track based on their favorites instead of the message they want to deliver. They also don’t care what kind of emotions they want the audiences to feel when watching their video.

Besides, setting the wrong volume level for background music is another common mistake. To be more specific, the music is so loud that the audience cannot hear the voice over.

4. Overuse Transitions

When used professionally, transitions can bring video clips together to produce a better message or story flow. By contrast, misuse or overuse of transitions can be a sign of an amateur. Keep in mind that you should also adopt this approach to text, font, and other resources. Sometimes, less is more!

5. Think “Captions” and Edit Videos Simultaneously

A script can be considered as a roadmap for video editors, which allows you to arrange your ideas into a logical order, and avoid missing some important details. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you should write a script before editing videos.

However, most beginners often think of “the script” and edit video at the same time. This ultimately turns out to be more time-consuming and make them lose the focus of your message. (from Atomisystem blog)

I hope you will not meet above mentioned mistakes while editing videos and come back to me if this article is helpful.

Good luck!

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