Filmora Video Editor Completed Tutorial

Completed tutorial about Filmora Video Editor. How to download, install and edit video with Filmora Video editor.

Filmora video editor is a professional but simple to use video editing software which I’ve reviewed couple months ago. Normally, you should not have any difficulty in using Filmora video editor to edit your footage to create stunning videos. However, for beginners, this tutorial topic can help you save a lot of time searching for “how to edit video in Filmora or How to record screen.. blah blah.

This is an overview of Filmora video editor and how users of all skill levels can use it to edit videos. It includes a large collection of filters, overlays, titles, motion elements and music! Filmora is the ideal video editing software for beginners on a low budget. You can download it free at It’s an easy and powerful video editing software that can do basic editing such as trimming, cropping, rotating and hue adjusting as well as advanced video editing such as green screen, split screen, picture and picture and more. Filmora is available specially designed for non-professionals, so using this software is painless and as easy as dragging and dropping. Filmora video editor is available on Windows and Mac.

In today post, I am going to guide you through how to download this software and learn its basic and advanced video editing tools from start to the end. For detail review about Filmora Video editor, read here!

Firstly, choose the correct version for your Windows or Mac at the below links.

Download Filmora Video Editor for Windows

Download Filmora Video Editor for Mac

Once you have downloaded the software, the installation will takes a few minutes. A shortcut will be created on your desktop and you are now ready to edit your video with Filmora video editor. This is the starting screen when you open the program.

Filmora Interface-min
Filmora starting screen

1. How to import your footage to edit in Filmora

From this tutorial video, you are able to learn about 6 ways to import media file into Filmora video editor. This is really nice tutorial video created by Go Tech Dude.

01 How to import files via import menu

02 how to import a folder

03 How to import files from Phone or Camera

04 How to import files from Social Media

05 How to import files from File Menu

06 Import files via Drag and Drop

2. How to trim, crop, rotate and adjust your video in Filmora

This is a tutorial showing you how to trim unwanted parts of your video as well as cropping a video and how to rotate, adjust your video in Filmora.

3. How to add Fade In & Out in Fimora Video editor

This tutorial video will show you how to add fade in & fade out transition in Filmora video editor easily by using sample colours feature.

4. How to add picture in picture in Filmora Video editor

Learn how to use the PIP track in Filmora to add a video or picture inside of another. Use this trick to make interesting movies and video skits!

5. How to split screen & blur face in Filmora

Learn how to use the power tool feature. It lets you create tilt-shifts, mosaics, face-offs, blurs, flash and hold, and more in your videos!

6. How to stabilize video with Filmora video editor

How to STABILIZE VIDEO quickly! From inside the camera to using video editing software. 3 EASY Ways to do Video Stabilization

7. How to use Green Screen in Filmora Video editor

It will be more easy to create green screen by using the Wondershare Filmora! Shoot videos in front of a green or blue screen and merge with other backgrounds, to create special effects like the professionals do!

8. How to export and share your video in Filmora Video Editor

Once you have finished editing your video, you may want to export it to finish the production. Here is the tutorial video for exporting video in Filmora. Watch this video for how to export your videos to your computer, phone and DVD or directly share on YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo.

Yeah! Those are all the things you need to know about how to use Filmora video editor. For more detail of this software, please visit our Filmora video editor review and where to download article.

Good luck!

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