Top 5 Must-Have Features of Rapid Elearning Authoring Software

The best way to design perfect elearning content quickly and cost-effectively is to use a rapid elearning authoring software. However, it is a touch issue to choose the best rapid elearning authoring software. In today post, I am going to highlight top 5 must-have features of a rapid elearning authoring software for creating engaging learning content.

What’s rapid elearning authoring software?

Rapid elearning authoring software, in the most common understanding, is a program or software to help educators create his learning content rapidly or quickly without programming skills. It often contains pre-made templates, themes, animations or courses design.

There is dozen of rapid elearning authoring software available on the market nowadays such as iSpring Suite (a Power Point add-in), Adobe Captivate 9 professional elearning authoring software of Adobe cooperation) or ActivePresenter (a low-cost elearning authoring software for Windows and Mac). It is great to know that we have more than one option when choosing the best rapid elearning authoring software. But, you may sometimes be confused how to choose the best one for your need. Here are top 5 must have features of a rapid elearning authoring software you must not ignore.

Top 5 must-have features of rapid elearning authoring software

1. Ease of use

First and foremost, the software must be simple to use. All the features must be arranged logically on the interface and easy to navigate. Normally, educators are lacking of programming knowledge, they can’t spend hour searching for “how-to” add objects, add new slides or “how-to trim unwanted part of the introduction video”, for example. If so, that elearning software is not a rapid one.

2. Smart work flow

In order to create learning courses quickly, the software has to provide simple, smart work flow that is optimized for e-learning purposes. For example, in order to create a completed elearning course with Captivate 9, you can choose Recent/ New with its “ready-made” template for: Responsive design, Demo video, From PowerPoint, Video demo or blank project and more. This is a good work flow for educators to start an elearning project. This is the same work flow you can get in ActivePresnter (an alternative of Adobe Captivate 9).

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 3. elearning authoring features

After the ease of use and software’s work flow, I often look at its features. And the most important features in my opinion are:

  • Video editing and screen capturing possibility: In your elearning course, there is a part that you want to show your learners what’s the course about, the target of your course as well as structure of the courses and so on. This part is a short video you record from your computer screen or a combination of clips you recorded with your professional camera.
  • Annotation and interactivity: Adding annotations like text, shapes, highlight, spotlight to explain your idea as well as adding quizzes to track your learners’ understanding is an important part of your elearning courses.
  • HTML5 & LMS support: The possibility to export elearning project into HTML5 is a must-have feature of up-to-date rapid elearning authoring software. Supported by popular LMS is the vital feature.
  • Report & Tracking: A good rapid elearning authoring software must provide you the possibility to track your learner’s understanding and render a report.

4. Technical support service

Creating elearning courses will not a one day job. You will need a weeks or a month to finish your project depending on what’s it about. During the day, you may sometimes meet an unknown fault that you want to ask the software maker. And it will be a disaster if they do not support you promptly: from Q&A community or direct email, phone call. No software is perfect! You always need a good technical support service. If the maker can’t provide technical support service, then don’t buy the software from them.

5. Pricing

Last, but not least, the cost of rapid elearning authoring tools are varied from $200 ~ $5000 depending on the packages they offer. However, you should always read carefully the package. What is included and what is excluded. How much time can you use the software as well as how many PCs can be installed for a license key. You also need to check if they provide you trial version or free one to test the product before making purchasing decision.

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Bottom line

That’s all you need to consider about a rapid elearning authoring software. If I have to suggest a tool that meet all of the above mentioned features, I will vote for ActivePresenter or Adobe Captivate 9 – The most professional, rapid elearning software in the world now. Remember to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future.

Good luck!



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