The Best Tools For Making Product Demonstration Video

The best tools for making compelling product demonstration videos

Writing product descriptions can be an effective way for you to describe about your product and introduce it to your customers. But, in order to convince them to buy it, a product demonstration video will become more convincible for sure. It is said that “Seeing is believing”, right? Added to that, making product demonstration videos is the fastest way you can distribute your content in the era of Social Networks and online sharing channels.

If you are the Apple’s fan, I am sure you have watched the iPhone X demonstration video many times before placing the order. This video is truly a compelling product demonstration that can stipulate the desire in you.

In today post, I am going to introduce to you the best tools for making product demonstration videos which can help you to create engaging, attractive videos to use for your marketing campaign. Of course, these tools are just software. They can’t do everything for you. But, they can provide necessary features for you to use.

The best tools for making product demonstration videos

1. TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 – $199

TechSmith Camtasia has been industry standard software for years in making product demos and tutorial videos. Camtasia Studio 9 work flow is as easy as counting 1-2-3. For example, in order to create a tutorial video or product demo, you’ll have to options i.e recording your screen or import your footage into the library on the left side of the interface, then drag it into the timeline for making your edits. Supported input formats are bananas. Here are some screenshot of Camtasia Studio 9:

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We wrote a detail review about this software in our previous post. Read our full review here!

2. Atomi ActivePresenter – Free & $149

Like TechSmith Camtasia, ActivePresenter is also a great tool for making product demos with a built-in screen recorder, video editor as well as many features that you can use to create instructional, engaging product demonstration videos. While Camtasia offer 30 days trial, ActivePresenter provides a completely free version for you to try. Here are some screenshots of ActivePresenter:

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Here is our detail review about ActivePresenter in our last post!

3. VSDC Video editor – Free & $19.99

After Camtasia and ActivePresenter, VSDC video editor is the third choice I want to recommend you to use for making product demonstration videos. If you look at the price $19.99, you may wonder whether this tool is powerful enough to create engaging product demos video, right? That’s normal psychological tendencies when people tend not to believe low cost product. So do I. I don’t know why Flash Integro can sell this product at this price. They should increase the price to $200 or $300 per license from my point of view.

VSDC Video Editor provides excellent editing features. Control effects and transitions easily. Great to use this free video editing software without watermark. It can compete with any other expensive, paid video editors in the world now. It’s a pity that VSDC only has Windows version. You can keep reading about this product in our full review here!

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4. Filmora Video Editor – $59.99

Filmora video editor is an all-in-one tool for making product demonstration you can use after Camtasia, ActivePresenter and VSDC. In Filmora, editing video and recording video from computer screen are the best part of Filmora. Adding transitions, effects and other advanced features like Chroma key effect, 4K editing, split screen, blur face, crop video make this software a great option for not only making demos but also promotion and advertising videos. Read our honest review about Filmora here!

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5. Movavi Video Editor – $39.95

Finally, I suggest you use Movavi video editor for making product demonstration video. Movavi video editor is a simple to use, powerful tool with basic and advanced editing features. Movavi Video Editor is a powerful yet easy-to-use video editor for Windows and Mac. While looking at the interface and the work flow it provides, I am 80% sure that this is a great programs that novice and intermediate users like to use. Regardless of its really great price, Movavi provide full set of basic and advanced video editing tools such as: split, crop, delete clip as well as Chroma key, Pan-and-Zoom, Highlight and Conceal or Stabilization. These features are enough for creating your Hollywood style home movies. Movavi Video editor has two versions with different price for Windows or Mac. Movavi video editor for personal stands at $39,95 and Movavi video editor for Business cost $79,95.

Read our full review about Movavi video editor here!

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Bottom line

There are different way to get trusted by your customer. And showing what they really get when they buy your product in product demonstration video is an effective one. What is the name of the tool you often use to create product demos? Share with my in the below comment section. Remember to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future.

Good luck!

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