Top 10 Best Elearning Authoring Tools Of 2018

Top 10 best eLearning authoring tools for eLearning design of 2018. Find your best authoring tools in this article!

eLearning authoring tool has been an indispensible tool for educators to create interactive learning courses nowadays. The information technology has gone so far to allows eLearning software makers to create amazing products that we have to learn for months to figure out all its features.

In today post, I am going to suggest top 10 best eLearning authoring tools that you should take a look if you want to create interactive and responsive learning courses professionally. This is not a detail review about these software but it is more like an overview about top 10 popular eLearning authoring tools for rapid learning course design procedure.

Here Are Top 10 Best Elearning Authoring Tools Of 2018

1. ActivePresenter (Professional Edition)

ActivePresenter is a Rapid elearning authoring software for Windows & macOS. The program lets you create software demos, training videos and HTML5 elearning contents which run on any devices. When it comes to elearning solution, ActivePresenter offers variety of features such as full hd screen recorder with webcam recording tool, free form Quizzes, annotation tools, embeddable webpages, PowerPoint import, course template, SCORM and xAPI export and more.

Apart from its lack of Character library, ActivePresenter is no doubt one of the best elearning authoring tools for you to try now. The program is free to download. Get it now!

Screen Recording: Full Motion Recording, Smart Capture
Webcam Recording
Video Editing: Cut, Crop, Join, Change Volume, Speed Up, Slow Down
Multiple Audio/Video Layers
Annotations: Shapes, Image, Zoom-n-Pan, Closed Caption, Cursor Path, Audio/Video Overlays
Animations & Transitions
Themes & Templates
Export to Images (PNG, JPEG)
Export to: MP4, AVI, WMV, WebM, MKV
Advanced Audio Effects: Fade In, Fade Out, Noise Reduction
Advanced Video Effects: Blur, Green Screen
Export to HTML SlideShow
Export to PDF Document
Export to Microsoft Word
Export to Microsoft Excel
Export to Microsoft PowerPoint
Import from PowerPoint
Interactions: Button, Mouse Click, Text Input, Drag & Drop, Keystroke, CheckBox, Radio
Quiz: 9 Types of Questions
Responsive Design
Multipe Timelines
Table of Contents
Multiple Object States
Web Fonts
Advanced Interactions & Conditional Actions
JavaScript API
Export to HTML5 Simulation
Export to SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, xAPI (Tin Can API)

2. Articulate 360

Articulate CEO Adam Schwartz introduces Articulate 360, an all-inclusive subscription offering that simplifies every aspect of e-learning course development. Articulate 360 includes every single authoring tool Articulate makes, including a brand-new app for creating gorgeous, inherently responsive courses. Articulate 360 also includes apps, content, and services for creating a wide variety of multi-device e-learning content, sourcing beautiful course assets, collaborating with stakeholders, and building your skills as an e-learning developer. To learn more and get a free 30-day trial, visit

3. Adobe Captivate 9

An introduction to Adobe Captivate. This introductory video will help you get an initial understanding of the ease of use and creative control that Adobe Captivate offers eLearning authors. If you are looking for a tool to help make engaging eLearning content, esp. content that is ready for today’s mobile savvy world, this overview will help explain why Adobe Captivate is such an extraordinary solution.

4. iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite 8 is a powerful new solution for all your e-Learning needs in one easy-to-use toolkit. Create courses in PowerPoint and enhance them with voice-overs and video narrations, add interactive quizzes and surveys, insert characters and rich media interactions, plus add dialog training scenarios and screen capture videos.

5. Elucidat

With Elucidat, all you need is 90 seconds to create rich interactive BYOD learning. It really is that fast to create learning content that is immediately accessible on any device. When will your BYOD content be available on your device? Days, weeks, months…no… Elucidat is instant! Cloud based BYOD learning is immediately ready to test on all devices, woohoo no more headaches!

6. Lectora

Lectora provides all the powerful e-Learning tools you need in one place. From e-Learning authoring software to talent management to learning management systems, we put everything you need right at your fingertips.

7. Easygenerator

This 2-minute video will give you a quick overview of what you can do with Easygenerator. It covers all Easygenerator key features such as co-authoring, external review, branding, results tracking etc.

8. Raptivity

Raptivity is an amazingly powerful yet simple interactivity building tool which helps you create outstanding eLearning building blocks without any programming. With a diverse set of 190+ Flash and HTML5 compliant, customizable interactions, Raptivity help adds a new dimension to your eLearning content.

9. Smartbuilder

Make your elearning stand out from the crowd with course interfaces that meet your unique needs and branding. With SmartBuilder masters, you can:

  • Freely layout navigation elements and resources
  • Place page content above, below or in-between masters
  • Associate multiple masters with any page
  • Create triggers on pages which invoke responses on masters, and vice versa

10. Gomo learning

Gomo is a cloud-base elearning authoring tool. Meet your new authoring tool in this gomo webinar recording with Managing Director Mike Alcock. You will find out more about our brand-new SaaS product which allows you to create your very own beautiful multi-device e-learning content. This webinar will cover the basics of gomo, including pricing plans and information about the responsive, adaptive content you can create. You can also watch a demo of the software so you can see just how simple it is to design your own learning programmes with our user-friendly interface.

Bottom line

Have you ever used the above mentioned eLearning authoring tools to create learning courses? Share with us! I will soon update detail review about these software in near future to figure out their advantages and disadvantages. Remember to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future.

Good luck!


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