Namo WebEditor ONE Black Friday 2017 30 USD

Black friday 2017: Get a 30 USD discount for Namo WebEditor ONE in our Black Friday campaign. Follow the link and input coupon code to get your discount. 

Buy it now

Coupon code: NAMOWEO2017BF

Listed price: $199.92 

New price: $169.92

Validity: until January 31, 2018

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Namo WebEditor One Features


  • Immediately utilize the output in the backend development
  • Quickly turn ideas into prototypes that can be experienced, tested and validated before ever coding


  • Converge Design & Development – Real-time interaction possible
  • Seamlessly produce high-quality front-end code


  • Concurrently develop multi-device app – One source, multi-device
  • Change the composition of your team by making your team leaner

Draw instead of coding

Drag-and-drop widgets to design your pages, and let Namo WebEditor ONE take care of the coding. Save development time & cost.


Scalable to fit screens

Namo WebEditor ONE gives you the power to build responsive websites. Our intuitive UI makes creating mobile pages much easier.


Pixel perfect canvas view

No more half pixels, dirty shapes or alpha-blended messes. Namo WebEditor ONE also offers zoom, ruler and guideline tools.



Back-end integration

Namo WebEditor ONE Projects can be integrated with back-end frameworks such as AngularJS, Django, NodeJS, JSP, PHP and WordPress.


Data binding

If your website is not static web page and needs dynamic data, composition and collection widgets are available at your use.


Code customization

Namo WebEditor ONE helps you utilize any function without any limitation. You can insert custom codes to any element.



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