How to Make Effective Use of the Smartboard in Classrooms

Educators are constantly in search of innovative ways to enhance learning experience. Be it a tweak in methodology, or an invention by technology, educational institutes are on the lookout for whatever may bring a positive reform and result in the outcome of an informed, educated society.

Smartboards for classrooms are the newest technological addition to the field of education, taking it by storm. Never has being in a classroom looked so exciting and engaging for both teachers and students. But one might wonder, how exactly can this technology be incorporated in a traditional classroom setting? What would such a lesson plan look like? Here’s a guideline to provide the curious educator some insight.

SMART technology’s interactive whiteboards have a range of models. The latest educational series include top notch educational software that assists teachers in planning their lessons. The SMART Learning Suite software contains a variety of applications designed specifically to curtail the needs of a teacher in order to plan a productive class.

Notebook Software

Notebook software is an integral part of the SMART Learning Suite, carrying within itself multiple applications that facilitate lesson planning and implementation. It not only has subject-specific tools, and a wide variety of free lesson resources, but also integrates with mobile devices, making it all the more easy for teachers to plan and control their lessons. Here’s how some of the Notebook tools can aid efficient lesson planning and implementation:

1. SMART Lab

This application allows the teacher to create game-based lesson plans. Activities can be custom-made according to the lesson, the age group, and the target skill.

All the teacher does is select an activity, customize the content, and the game is set! Students can then learn as they play on the electronic whiteboard or even their personal touchscreens.

2. SMART Response 2

The assessment tool included in the Notebook software allows for such subtle evaluation of students, that they never get the feeling of being tested. Owing to the fact that it is carried out digitally, students view it as a challenging activity that they are excited to try their hand at.

Response 2 allows the teacher to receive immediate feedback on student progress from formative assessments that can be created in minutes. The teacher only has to choose the type of assessment, and add the questions. These assessments are best attempted on personal devices so as to be done individually, and the results are immediately viewed by the teacher in the form or pie-charts or word clouds. Teachers may find it useful to share the performance of the class with students on the smartboard, in order to discuss problematic areas and encourage better understanding.

3. SMART Amp

Collaborative workspaces for students has elevated the value of group activities to new heights. Through the SMART Amp, students can contribute material to a shared workspace, where it can be viewed by multiple users. Moreover, the teacher may monitor the contribution of each member along the way.

All the teacher has to do is create a virtual class and add content to the shared workspace. Then, sit back and watch as students share, discuss, comment and review. The shared content can then be shared on the class smartboards for open feedback and discussion.


Electronic Whiteboard Warehouse is a provider for the best technology of interactive whiteboards available. In addition to smartboards including the SMART Learning Suite, they also provide the necessary training required for educators to better understand the software, and how to make efficient use of it in their classrooms. With technology made so accessible, there is virtually no excuse for educational institutes to hesitate in joining the growing crowd of blended learning proffessionals.

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