Best Wireless Security Camera Systems as of 2018

Best wireless security camera systems of 2018. Find your best wireless security cameras 2018 here. The best security camera cost $48 only.

Why do you need security cameras?

Keep your home safe whether you are at home or traveling abroad is one of the biggest benefits of security cameras. Keeping an eye on things you love such as your kids, pets, your grandmother who stays at home alone and so on. It’s always great to know what’s happening around you to make sure that you can perform necessary actions to prevent the risk that can happen to your family.

Installing security cameras can help you monitor what’s happening in your home live on camera or double check the recorded video when you are back from work. That’s the very basic application of security cameras. Depending on what’s type of cameras you use, there are more advanced options to keep your completely safe such as a notification via email, text, call or alarm system to help you recognize unusual things happening at home.

Nowadays, most of security cameras are optimized for a variety of purposes. They can be installed indoor or outdoor (with water resistance capability). It is common to have 130 degrees view, full high definition video and photo resolution. The security cameras can be viewed and controlled from your smartphones or web browser.

Best Wireless Security Camera Systems of 2018:  Indoor & Outdoor

1. Lynx Indoor 1080P Wi-Fi Home Security Camera with Night Vision and Facial Recognition by Tend- $48 on Amazon

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This is one of the lowest cost security cameras you can find on the market with major up-to-date technology such as intelligent facial detection software to choose who your camera recognizes. It offer crystal clear 1080P HD live video streaming with night vision to monitor in complete darkness as well as two-way audio, motion detection and instant alerts. It also has built-in support for 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band. You are able to access Tend Secure App on your mobile device any time too.

TEND is a maker of award-winning smart home products. It boasts to deliver groundbreaking devices that help families stay connected. Read more here.

2. Amazon Cloud Cam Indoor Security Camera, Works with Alexa – $119.99 on Amazon – $119 on Amazon

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The next option of the best security cameras you want to look at is Amazon Cloud Cam. This is one of the most intelligent security camera offered by Amazon to catch your in-house activities in 1080 full HD quality. As many other Amazon’s products, this camera work with Alexa which means you can ask Alexa to show you live streaming on your Fire TV, tablet, Echo show, or Echo spot easily. The Cloud Cam app lets you turn on/off its night vision LEDs. Like Lynx, Cloud Cam has two-way audio, intelligent alerts and motion detection, setting detection zone and 120 degrees view angle. The downside of both Lynx and Cloud Cam is that it is designed for indoor usage which means you need other options if you want to place outside of your house such as your backyard or in front of the door. >>Read more here..

3. Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera, Works with Amazon Alexa – $166.89 on Amazon

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Nest Cam Outdoor security camera can work with Amazon Alexa and has wider view 130 degree. It is optimized for outdoor usages. Nest Cam comes with weatherproof camera, cable and adapter. You can install it over the front door, outside your garage or even stick it anywhere you want with its mounting magnet. Major advantages of Nest Cam are: 24/7 live streaming, person alerts with Nest Aware subscription, two-way audio, cloud storage, crisp 1080p video with glass lens, image sensor and 8x digital zoom. >>Read more…

4. Arlo Pro by NETGEAR Security System with Siren – 1 Rechargeable Wire-Free HD Camera with Audio, Indoor/Outdoor, Night Vision (VMS4130) – $225.99 on Amazon

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NETGEAR’s Arlo Pro security system lets you keep an eye on your house with 100% Wire-free, weatherproof for placing indoors or out, rechargeable battery, 2-way audio and 7 days of free cloud recordings. By using Arlo pro, you can also set up more than 100 decibel siren to stop the crime before it happens and save your recordings with an USB drive local storage option. Like Amazon Cloud Cam, this product can be controlled with your voice through select Alexa devices. >>Read more here..

5. NETATMO Presence, Outdoor Security Camera with People, Car and Animal Detection (NOC01-US) – $249 on Amazon

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NETATMO Presence outdoor security camera comes can be considered as one of the smartest outdoor camera. It is able to distinguish people, cars and animals around your home. It has the ability to customize your notifications, alert-zones. Smart floodlight can be controlled from the app or manually. After installing Presence, you can access your videos and live stream though its app any time you want. Added to that, Presence offers a free and secure video storage with the option of using your FTP server or Dropbox. >>Read more here..

Detail comparison table of 5 best security camera systems in 2018

Product Lynx Indoor by Tend Amazon Cloud Cam Indoor Nest Cam Outdoor Arlo Pro by NETGEAR NETATMO Presence
Picture lynx camera tend Amazon Cloud Cam Net Cam Outdoor Arlo pro by Netgear NETATMO Presence
Price $48 – Amazon $119 – Amazon $166.89 – Amazon $225.99 – Amazon $249.00 – Amazon
Motion detection


Yes Yes Yes Yes
Connectivity Wi-Fi Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Wi-Fi, bluetooth Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
Video resolution 1080p 1080p 1080p 720p 1080p
View angle 125 120 130 130 100
Storage Cloud Cloud Cloud – Subscription fee 7 days free cloud storage Free on SD card
Alarm Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Notifications Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Night vision Yes Yes No Yes Yes
2-way audio Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Control Mobile App Mobile App Mobile App, Web Mobile App, Web Mobile App

Must-have features of good security cameras

Motion Detection

The capability to detect any motion in the house to send you a notification via email, text or call is the first important feature of a good security camera. Motion detection is the process of comparing sequential images of the camera to recognize the differences between them. In modern security cameras, you are able to choose which area in the house to be monitored.

Camera View

The field of view and video resolution are must-have features you have to consider when choosing security camera. While the field of view varies from 100 to 180 degrees, the video resolution often comes with 1080p (full high definition quality). These features are important because it affects the cost of your security system. If you want to have better view, better images and videos which can be zoomed in without breaking the pixels, you have to pick the right choices.


Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connections are the basic features of most security cameras nowadays. They allow you to install and control the system easier and faster. The control of your system can be done through your smartphone, tablet or laptop or mobile apps simply by connecting to your home network system.


Keep in mind that you need a big enough hard disk to store recorded videos from your security camera. This is an important feature if you want to turn on your camera 24/7. For example, 1TB hard disk will allows you to record 1280 x 1024 video at 30fps, MPEG-4 encoding in approximately 8 days. For higher resolution, the time is shorter. Cloud storage service is also a great option to consider when buying security cameras. It often comes with a monthly subscription fee from the sellers.

Up-to-date technology

Technology is growing dizzy day by day with many practical applications such as the birth of artificial intelligence, self-driving, facial recognition technology of iPhone X, smart home and so on. Of the best security cameras we’ve reviewed, there are some cutting-edge features like the Face ID recognition on the Lynx Indoor 1080 wifi Home Camera or the talk & listen on Nest Cam. It is always necessary to keep your device up-to-date, especially in technology industry. The more modern technology you choose, the safer you’re.

The Cost

Last but not least, when purchasing security cameras, you’ll need to break down the total cost, includes the price for the camera, extra fees for cloud storage service or additional parts. The best one is of course not the cheapest one for sure. However, if the lower cost has the same features, why not? On the market, the cost for good surveillance cameras are varied from $100 – $400 depending on the brand name and the system you choose.

How to choose the best security cameras?

Depending on your needs, your budget, your installation place, you can pick the right camera to protect your house. It is not difficult to purchase and install a camera now. But, you should always read carefully the description of the product, operational manual, breakdown cost and so on. When you have an option in mind, contact the manufacturer to be consulted carefully before placing the order.

What are my best picks?

Indoor: I would suggest you to try Amazon Cloud Cam as it is not the cheapest one in the lineup but has all necessary features to protect your house. Added to that, it works well with Alexa devices which are more and more popular in our modern life.

Outdoor: In my opinion, the best option is Arlo Pro by NETGEAR. There is no special reason for this choice, just because I like it.


Whether you believe or not, installing security cameras around your house not only help you control your in-house activities but also reduce the risk of intrusions. It is no coincidence that criminals often choose houses without a surveillance camera system to break into.

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