Wondershare Filmora 8.5 – New Features Reviewed

Wondershare Filmora 8.5 released on November 2017 and here is our review on its new features. 

Wondershare Filmora has been known as one of the most simple to use video editing programs for beginners for the past few years. New feature updates come annually. With this new version, there is lots of cool stuff. However, we’ve found out that not every change will bring convenience in the process of using.

New interface

Wondershare Filmora 8.5 Interface

In comparison with its previous version, Wondershare Filmora 8.5 gives you more options at their starting screen where you can choose your screen resolution in square frame (1:1) for Instagram or Portrait (9:16). There are still Simple and Full mode option plus new Instant Cutter and Action Cam Tool.

There is nothing change in editing video process with Wondershare Filmora 8.5 whether you choose Simple or Full feature mode.

Instant Cutter

The Instant Cutter help you trim or merge video quickly without any further action on your clips. It works fine during our tests. Please be mentioned that you can only trim MP4, MOV and MTS formats with this tool. When you are done with the job, the program allows you to export your video into the original file format quickly.

Action Cam Tool

Basically, you can choose among Fix, Speed and Color which help you edit raw footage shot by an action camera or your smartphone.

Filmora Action Cam Tool



You can choose a profile in Lens Correction, choose screen resolution and correct your video with adjust level bar. You can do the same in Stabilization and Audio Denoise.


This feature allow you to increase the speed of your clip by 20x as well as setting up replay times up to 10, reverse your video with or without audio. Adding free frame and customize the duration is also available here.


There’s nothing new here. They just pick color correction tool from the editor and put it here.

Once you’re done, you can export your video into MP4 or MOV and specific resolution up to 4K quality.

Wondershare Filmora 8.5 Full Feature Mode New Updates

We’ve tested all 11 new features in Wondershare Filmora 8.5 and agree that the program provides exactly what they’ve said. There is nothing to complain here. All new features are as below:

1. Customizable speed controls, now up to 100x fast mo and 0.01x slow mo;
2. Camera-shake/earthquake effects.
3. Easier to create 1:1 Square ratio videos for Instagram;
4. Supports 9:16 portrait project ratio and export profile.
5. Adds the option to auto crop or Pan and Zoom imported photos to fit project ratio. (esp. 3:2 DSLR photo or 9:16 phone photo to fit 16:9 project)
6. Blending mode/Opacity control for clips in PiP tracks.
7. Background blur effect for decorating black bars in portrait videos/photos
8. Frame overlays for decorating black bars in portrait videos/photos or 3:2 DSLR photo
9. New Time code digits controller for precise jump to desired time on Timeline
10.Supports sub category structure for effect categories.
11.Allows more text tracks (up to 5) and more music tracks (up to 10)

For more detail about Filmora video editor, I suggest you go back to our previous review which can show you almost everything about this program.

Bottom line

Wondershare Filmora 8.5 is still the most easy-to-use video editor for beginners in 2018. If you looking for a program that can help you make nice looking movies from your raw footage wherether it was shot by your smartphone or a GoPro camera, try Filmora.

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