Genie Timeline Pro 10 Review, Pros and Cons

Genie Timeline Professional offers a one-time setup and a lifetime of protection for your machine!

Genie Timeline Pro 10 is a simple to use yet powerful backup program to protect and restore your data with some more important features compared to Genie Timeline Home 10 we reviewed recently.


  • Reliable, safe and easy to use backup software.
  • Great performance.
  • Provides important options to protect data.
  • Lightweight.


  • No disk imaging features.


This program is powerful yet simple to use with intuitive user interface. It provides various options to backup your files and folders professionally at affordable cost.

Price tag: $59.95 – Buy Now!

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Genie Timeline Pro 10 Review

To getting started, you’ll need to download and install the program on your computer. It is a small download file. And I found it is absolutely easy to follow the setup process. You just have to select your Backup Drive, Choose the data you want to backup, pick a time to backup and you’re done.

1 Setup Wizard

Genie Timeline makes it easy to continuously protect all my files no matter where they are stored whether on my computer, external and network drives. Genie Timeline works automatically to protect new and changed files without any intervention!!

A Magic Backup?

Here are some of the most important features in Genie Timeline Pro 10

  • Both user-friendly and effective
  • Effortless protection for all my files: Configure backup in 3 simple steps and we’re done!
  • It scans all the file selections from any location, monitors for new and changed files, and backs them up.
  • Go back in Time: Use the Timeline to view and restore files at a specific point in time.
  • Secure military-grade protection: Secure my backup with 256-bit AES military-grade encryption.
  • Recover deleted files: Recover versions of a file or deleted files with a click of a button.
  • Track my backup on the go: I use Genie Timeline mobile app to keep me informed with the latest protection status of my backup.
  • Access your backed up files without the need for the software:
    I Use backup without compression so I can view the backed up files in their native form from any computer.
  • Control My backup: I can control when the backup runs or leave it to Genie’s IntelliCDP. Also, I can power down my computer after backup, and much more.
  • Recover My computer at any point of time: One of the unique features Genie Timeline Pro 10 has, Use disaster recovery to keep my entire system safe from virus attacks, computer crashes, and more.

Genie Timeline Home 10 vs Genie Timeline Pro 10

When you count all the different ways to compare Genie Timeline Pro 10 vs Genie Timeline Home 10, you will find that there are actually three differences; Encryption Option, Advanced Settings Tab and Backup Scheduling. We will highlight an extra 3 features that Genie Timeline Pro 10 has.

Enable Encryption Option

Genie Timeline offers an enhanced level of protection to ensure that backed up data is not accessible to unauthorized people. With a 256-AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption, the backed up data is highly secure. Genie9 is always keen to adopt “National Institute of Standards and Technology” standards as the Federal Information Processing Standard approved. Also the use of symmetric encryption algorithm that is used by U.S. Government organizations (and others) to protect sensitive information.

Everyone has a responsibility to ensure that sensitive information and assets, wherever they’re from, are appropriately protected from the moment they are created until their verified destruction, and Genie Timeline Pro is the app to reach this!

Advanced Settings Tab

Advanced Settings tab enables you to control and adjust some of the below features:

  • Full Scan: It scans all your data selections on all drive locations for new and changed files, in case the drive does not support real time monitor.
  • Disaster Recovery Backup interval: It’s designed to backup Disaster Recovery files at a different time interval than the regular schedule.
  • Enable Deduplication: This will save a lot of space, Genie Timeline Pro intelligently backs up only one copy of duplicate files and references all other duplicates to that file, therefore, if you need to restore the file, it will be restored to all its correct locations. This will reduce the used space on the drive.

Backup Schedule

The flexibility of backup scheduling is wide under Genie Timeline Pro and has many options to set it as your needs, user can run one backup job at any time (At night, while he/she is at work…etc.)

Here is the detail comparison of Genie Timeline Home and Genie Timeline Pro

Genie Timeline Home Vs Genie Timeline Pro

Download Genie Timeline Pro 10 Trial Now

Bottom line

Genie Timeline Pro 10 gives you all the tools you need to protect and save files and versions, and even to get a downed PC up and running again. True, you could just use Windows’ included File History feature, but Genie wraps the functionality in a more accessible interface and adds some niceties, such as File Explorer integration and backup reports. It’s a perfectly acceptable option, I certainly recommend it since it’s efficient and affordable.


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  1. Thank you Jacky for your reply and information.
    I was looking for something referencing Genie 10 and couldn’t seem to locate anything beyond ads and useless FAQs.
    Although I’m quite upset with the application, I “may” (?) give it a try again if I can get some support.

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