Top 5 Best Video Editors For Low-End Laptops

Editing video on low-end laptops is really a battle if you choose the wrong video editor. Check out our suggestion of the best video editor for low-end laptops to help you win the battle instantly!

Frankly speaking, most of video editing programs are designed for high-end computers. However, if you do not have enough money to buy powerful machines then you should think about choosing a lightweight video editing software that meets the needs without taking up a lot of resources on your computer. That’s what I come in today: The best video editors for low-end laptops.

Top 5 Best Video Editors For Low-end Laptops

1. Filmora Video Editor – Editor’s choice Video Editor for Low-end Laptops

Filmora video editor has always been my favorite video editor for years. The basic reason is because it is very light, easy to use and full of video editing features from basic to advanced. If you own a 2-in-1 touch screen Dell XPS like I do, then You can certainly use it for video editing. Filmora Video Editor has all tools you need to make stunning videos even for novices and casual users. Take a look at my detail review about Filmora Video editor here!

Filmora Video Editor
Filmora video editor has all tools you need to edit videos

Download Filmora for Windows

Download Filmora for Mac

2. Camtasia Studio 9

TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 is another great video editing program you can use on low-end laptops. It is mainly used for creating tutorials, how-to video and technical training videos. The new Camtasia Studio 9 is now support 4K editing with lots of improvements. Like Filmora, Camtasia Studio 9 includes all necessary tools for creating videos effortless for novices and casual users. By the way, Camtasia Studio 9 is available to try within 30 days only. You’ll need to purchase a license to continue to use the program after trial period. Read my full review about Camtasia Studio 9 here!

Camtasia Studio 9 editing tools
Camtasia Studio 9

Try Camtasia Studio 30 days

3. VSDC Video Editor

VSDC Video Editor is one of the most professional video editing programs in the world now. It’s free to download and use without any restriction. I tested VSDC for several weeks on my low-end Dell XPS laptop and must admit that it is a brilliant video suite for Windows. You can edit and cut videos, create time-lapse videos and apply special filters and effects professionally. Surprisingly, it is completely FREE and the price for premium license is $19.99 only. Read our full review of VSDC here!

VSDC Video Editor Interface
VSDC Video Editor Interface

Download VSDC Free Video Editor Now

4. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi video editor is a low-cost, simple to use video editing software I tested in 2017. It has intuitive interface, easy to use video editing features. You can easily apply filters, transitions and add titles or effects in Movavi to create nice looking videos quickly. If Filmora and Camtasia Studio are too pricey for you, take a look at this alternative ($39.95 per license). Read our full review of Movavi Video Editor here!

Movavi Video Editor Full feature interface
Movavi Full Feature Interface

Download Movavi Video Editor for Windows

Download Movavi Video Editor for Mac

5. ActivePresenter

Last but not least, ActivePresenter is my favorite free video editor which works well on any low-end laptops I used. It is not only a powerful video editor but also decent e-learning authoring tool. The program has a built-in screen recorder and a bunch of authoring features for making educational videos such as training videos, how-to videos and responsive e-learning courses. Read my detail review of ActivePresenter here!

Trimming video with ActivePresenter
Trimming video with ActivePresenter

Download ActivePresenter Free Now

Bottom line

Okay! you got all necessary information now! Choose one of the above mentioned video editor and getting started. Remember to share with me your feelings about the program you choose. I would love to hear from you. Don’t forget to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future.

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