How To Create Highly Engaging Screencasts WITHOUT Voice Overs

A perfect screencast often comes in with beautiful voice overs. It’s crucial and very common now. Unfortunately, not everyone, including me, has a beautiful voice that can be used in their screencasts. In today’s article, I will share with your some useful tips to help you create highly engaging screencasts without the need of voice overs. Stay tune!

A highly engaging screencast doesn't have to contain voice overs!
A highly engaging screencast doesn’t have to contain voice overs!

Screencast is a digital recording of your computer screen with or without voice overs. It’s often created by a computer based program, named screencast software or screen recording software. Making a screencast to share with other people what’s happening on your monitor is a good way to teach them about software features, product functionalities and so on. As a screencastor, that would be perfect if you have a beautiful voice and and language fluency. With voice overs, your audiences will easily catch up with your instructions. However, it’s not a disaster if you don’t want or can’t add your voice into the video. There’s still a way to create a highly engaging video without no voice overs at all. All you need is a powerful screencast software like ActivePresenter, Camtasia or Movavi Screen Capture Studio, whatever easy to use for you.

Remember that you’ll need these basic features to getting started:

  • Recording video on the screen.
  • Add and customize texts such as font, color and transitions.
  • Annotation tools.
  • Add background music to your video.
  • Export video into some popular formats such as AVI, MP4.

Further to what we’ve tested, all the above mentioned programs have these basic features plus dozen of advanced features (need to upgrade to professional edition).

Okay, let’s do it now! (again) – My following tips are applicable for the program that I often used, ActivePresenter. But you can do the same with other tools too.

5 Tips To Create Highly Engaging Screencasts Without Voice Overs

Tip 1: Clear The Desktop and Close All Other Running Applications

You know why, right? I guess! In order not to distract your audience by sudden pop-up at the notification area, you should always turn off all other running applications before you start the recording. Added to that, clear your desktop so that you won’t show any sensitive information to your audience such as your important folders, your customer names and so on. Though there are some simple ways to clear the desktop, my choice is to move everything..yes..everything in a new folder, named CLEAR DESKTOP. By doing this, I can get back everything to my desktop easily when I finish the recording.

Tip 2: Record Your Desktop In Full Screen – Not A Part!

Though many people will advise you to record only what you want to show, my advise is to record your desktop in full screen. As I think it doesn’t necessary to hide any hide anything from a clear desktop. With ActivePresenter, you will have three recording options i.e full screen, customized area or a locked application. You can choose to record your webcam and audio too. Remember to turn off webcam and audio recording before you hit record button. Once you have finished your recording, you’ll be redirected to the editor. This is the place where you transform your recording into highly engaging screencast.

ActivePresenter Recording Toolbar
ActivePresenter Recording Toolbar

Tip 3: Choose Bold, Big Size Text

As your screencast doesn’t contain voice over, your audience will have to read the text while watching your video. Remember to choose bigger text size to make sure that they don’t miss the text when it appears. Added to that, put your text in an appropriate position in the video so that your audience can see it. You don’t have to always put the text at the bottom or top of the video. It can be anywhere! Take a look at below video as an example. I made this video in just 15 minutes. Fast, right?

Tip 4: Choose The Background Music Carefully

Again, since you don’t have voice over in the video, background music is the only sound your audience can hear. Don’t forget to choose appropriate background music so that they can enjoy both listening and watching! Don’t forget to avoid copyrighted music if you are going to upload your screencast to your YouTube channel.

Tip 5:  Don’t Overuse The Transitions

With voice-overs, you can use as many transitions as you want because it does not affect your video much. But, without voice-overs, you should use as few transitions as possible. Take a look at this video. Do you agree that it will be easier to follow if I put less transitions?

Bottom line

Making a screencast without voice-overs as it’s not always easy to clearly express your opinions in texts. However, with a powerful program like ActivePresenter, there is a chance you can create highly engaging screencasts without showing your voice. If you want to learn more about this program, take a look at my review here!

Download ActivePresenter here

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