10 Useful Google Apps You Will Definitely Like

In fact, Google as one of the most innovative technology companies in the world has a special loan. What means Google for you? It is a good and proficient searching service or an Internet friend who are ready to make your life easier when you only want it? The company has created a wealth of products and services that make people’s lives easier. For example, the famous Google Search. Everyone has heard about Gmail and Google Maps, but there are other Google services that you may not have heard of. It is predictable that you want to get to know about it more. In this article, let’s take a look at 10 little-known Google services that may be helpful to you. Let’s start. 

#1 Google Inbox

Google Inbox is the newest add-on, which lets you create your own shortcuts to get emails from colleagues in one section, emails about your upcoming party into the second, and emails from your best friends into the third. Sorting mail with the service will be easier. It will take just one look to keep abreast of all the important things like delivery status, booking confirmation, flight delay, photos. Keep in mind it is not necessary to open letters! You can create reminders that appear at the top of your inbox, and you’ll never forget something really important! In Inbox you can snooze emails and reminders until a certain time or until you arrive at a specific place. To try the service, you must first send an invitation request: send an email request from your Gmail address to inbox@google.com.

#2 Google Keep 

If you are a very busy person, you need to use Google Keep. This service makes it easy to take quick notes. Notes in Google Keep are synchronized between major platforms and devices. You can use Google Keep to create, share, and share notes quickly and easily. Google Keep notes can be made available to you and anyone you share with on virtually any device: on your phone, tablet, via the Chrome app, and on the web. Google Keep is absolutely free and convenient. Google Keep – when everything you need is at your fingertips.

#3 Google Scholar

If you are interested in non-fiction literature, you should use Google Scholar. It will help to search for non-fiction with any efforts. Google Scholar can find everything in two clicks.  Using a single form of inquiry, you can search across disciplines and sources, including peer-reviewed articles, dissertations, books, abstracts and reports published by scientific publishers, professional associations, higher education institutions, and other academic organizations. Google Academy can help you find the research that best suits your query, among a wealth of research.

#4 Google Wonders

Are you fond of nature and cultural memorials? Do you like monuments across cultures? Use Google Wonders. The Wonders of the World project brings together amazing masterpieces of nature, architecture, and culture from the present and past centuries. Together with partners including UNESCO, the World Heritage Foundation and Getty Images, Google Wonders is making World Heritage Sites available online. Now people all over the world can see and enjoy them through borders. Google Wonders gives also a nice opportunity to save them for future generations.

#5 Google Business View

Give potential or existing clients the ability to rate the look of your office or institution in 360 ° format. You will also be able to strengthen your business position on the Internet by arming yourself with a quality virtual tour of Street View. Invite potential clients on a virtual tour of your restaurant, shop, cafe, gym. The tour will also be available on Google Search, Google+ and Google Maps.

#6 Google.com/Sky

Google.com/sky is a Google Maps application that allows you to view the outer space surrounding the Earth. Created using the Hubble Telescope and released August 27, 2007. If you don’t have enough money to fly to the moon or Jupiter, you can use this app. Within Google Sky you can visit Solar System, Hubble Showcase, Constellations. You can visit Mars, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Uranus, Jupiter and so on. It is a real unforgettable and definitely cheap experience. You can download it right now and immerse in the world of magic in two minutes. 

#7 Google Trips

Do you like to travel all around the world? Do you have any problems with planning? So, use Google Trips to make your traveling unforgettable. This is an application for planning trips around the world. It allows you to organize a tour and monitor the reservation of vehicles and places of residence. Also, you can quickly learn more about the attractions that are nearby. Information is available offline. So if there is no way to connect to Wi-Fi, all the useful information will remain at hand.

#8 Google TalkBack

This is a service for people with visual impairments, thanks to which they can use mobile devices. The application voices the interface elements and text provides a vibration response. Without Google TalkBack you can feel comfortable and calm. It is absolutely free to enjoy your life with Google TalkBack.

#9 Google Authenticator

An application for generating codes with 2-step verification enabled. The code is entered after the password for the account, preventing unauthorized access to services and applications. You can add accounts to the authenticator using a QR code. You don’t need to write your codes or passwords in the pieces of  . Just use Google Authenticator instead of it.

#10 Google Cardboard

From years to years, children, parents, and teachers are arguing that it is too hard for a pupil to learn new information. They don’t have enough time and so on. It is understandable that pupils don’t want to read boring old books and so on they prefer to use their devices instead of it. Google cardboard is the app that will teach your child English without many efforts. Google Cardboard uses modern cards and methods to remember information quickly


To sum up, there are more interesting and not widely known apps. However, those 10 are the most popular. Don’t make an effort during working with Google. It is a great possibility to download Google apps for free and to use it when you only want. Time management is a valued part of modern life. Most of the people are dreaming about spending less time with your laptops and more time with your family. If you don’t want to dream more, use these Google apps and feel the moment.

Author’s Bio: Cheryl Hearts is a talented journalist from Boston, Massachusetts. From an early age, she was into writing so she decided to make it her career. Obtaining a Master’s Degree in Journalism has boosted her desire to grow as a journalist and currently she contributors to major media publications. Cheryl also runs her blog CherylHearts.com where she shares her opinion on topics trending in modern society.



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