3 Best Screen Recording Software For Educators and Speakers You Can Try Now!

If you’re looking for a screen recording software that is simple to use and powerful enough for making educational videos like software tutorials, how-to videos, or at least capable of recording your computer screen, your webcam and narration, here are the programs you can try.

In this post, I am going to share with you 3 best screen recording software for educators and speakers. These programs have everything you need to make educational videos, compatible with Windows and macOS. They also includes a feature-rich video editor for those of you who want to edit your recording, add annotations, callouts and so many things more.

These programs are completely different from other simple screen recorders, which normally lets you record your computer screen without mouse cursor effect, no video editing feature, and even don’t have the basic cutting, or trimming tools in the app. That’s not to mention about many fake, full of virus software I see on the internet.

3 Best Screen Recording Software For Educators and Speakers You Can Try Now!

1. Atomi ActivePresenter

On top of the list is Atomi ActivePresenter, a decent screen recording software that any educator, or speaker should try now. This program offers professional screen recording tools and a powerful video editor right inside the program. It’s simple to use as MS PowerPoint, has tons of unique features such as full HD recording, record webcam and screen simultaneously, record voice-over from microphone and record system sound. Most importantly, you can cut, trim your recording, adjust mouse cursor, zoom and pan, blur moving object, add spotlight effect and so on.

If you’re an educator, who need a program that can help you record your computer screen, record your narration and polish your recording with annotations, texts, arrows, number etc, Atomi ActivePresenter is no doubt the best option to go.

ActivePresenter is compatible with Windows 64 bit and macOS. It works fine on low-end computer/laptops. There is a free edition for those of you who want to create screencast videos in MP4 or AVI format for personal use. This edition includes all the advance features of its paid editions (which is $199 for Standard Edition, and $399 for Pro Edition). Take a look at below introduction video to learn more about ActivePresenter.

2. TechSmith Camtasia 2019

The next option I highly recommend you to trial is TechSmith Camtasia 2019, an all-in-one video editing suite for creating online training videos. This program is designed for educators, speakers and online marketers. It’s not only lightweight, simple to use but also powerful when it comes to creating screencast videos. Compare to ActivePresenter, Camtasia 2019 is better in terms of color grading, has more colorful annotations and the editing timeline is easier to use than ActivePresenter too.

If you’re going to produce educational videos, I highly recommend you try both ActivePresenter and Camtasia 2019 to see which program can suite your need. There are minor differences between them such as the editing workflow, animation control etc. Watch below tutorial for beginners to learn more about Camtasia 2019.

3. Screencast O Matic

If you’re still reading this post, meaning that you may not be interested in the above mentioned programs which need you to download and install on your computer, take a look at my last recommendation for the best screen recording software for educators and speakers. This is an online application for recording screen, webcam and narration, meaning that you don’t need to download or install anything on your computer. All you need is a web browser and your internet connection to getting started with Screencast O Matic.

As I am not a huge fan of online application when it comes to making educational videos, I don’t create tutorial videos for Screencast O Matic. But, I published my careful review about this application couple months ago. Read this post to learn more about Screencast O Matic.

screencast o matic recorder
Screencast O Matic interface

Final Words

After 3 years and a half making software tutorial, writing reviews about screen recording software, I ended up realizing that they are very similar to each other. There are only minor different among them. Most screen recording software has the ability to record screen, webcam and narration. Things you should consider, in my personal opinion, are the extra features such as video and audio editing tools, export options, upgrade policy etc. Of course, pricing plan is also important too.

I am a frequent user of Atomi ActivePresenter for screen recording, Snagit for taking screenshot, and Filmora 9 for video editing. Added to that, I have Adobe Premiere Pro, VSDC Pro, Movavi video editor installed on my computer. If you have any question about these programs, don’t hesitate to contact me any time.

I hope this article can give your some useful information to help you save your time and effort.

Good luck!


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