Filmora9 Lifetime License vs Subscription: Which License Is Better?

Filmora9 is a simple to use, and powerful video editor for Windows, and macOS. This video editor includes tons of title templates, transitions and video effects that lets you creating high quality videos without steep learning curve like other pro-level video editors on the market.

Question is: Which Filmora9 license should you buy? Lifetime license, or Subscription? That’s what I am going to cover in this article. First off, take a look at Filmora9 pricing plans:

Filmora9 Pricing Plans

Filmora9 Annual Plan, US$39.99/year, is actually a subscription plan for 1 year period. Once you purchase this package, you will get a 1 year license, delivered to your email address which lets you remove Filmora9 watermark on the output when you export your project with Filmora9 in free version. Added to that, you can also download free effect packages from Filmstock, an assets library of Wondershare. Added to that, you will also get free updates and technical support during the year.

Filmora9 Lifetime License, US$69.99/ one-time payment, is an all-in-one package, similar to Filmora9 annual plan. But, you will get the license for lifetime, meaning that you can remove the watermark in free version, and get free technical support, and use it as long as you want.

Filmora9 Bundle Plan (Filmora9 1 year license + 1 Year Filmstock Subscription), US$99.87 yearly payment, which is a combination between Filmora9 annual license and Filmstock subscription plan for 1 year period.

Key Differences

Filmora9 has different pricing plans, and pricing details look different too. However, there are only 2 key difference between them

1. Annual plan or Lifetime license:

The price of annual plan, US$39.99, is $30 less than lifetime license. However, it only lasts for 1 year, after 1 year you have to renew again. Compared to the US$69.99 lifetime license price, this is not a wise choice. And in fact, 90% of filmora9 users, including me, choose to buy a lifetime license instead of this subscription plan. We only need to pay US$69.99 one time to own the license for a lifetime, including all its new updated versions. That’s not to mention about using our exclusive 20% off Filmora9 license here to save your money when you buy this option.

2. FilmStock Subscription

If you are a professional video editor, you will understand the importance of stock footage, overlay and video effects in video editing. With Filmstock subscription, you can download many different types of stock footage and effect packs for your project.

However, most Filmora9 users do not need Filmstock’s subscription. If you’re going to make YouTube videos, vlogs, you don’t have to purchase it at the moment you buy Filmora9 license. If you really need this service, you can buy it later in the future.

Which License Is Better?

As a software reviewer, I recommend buying a lifetime license, excluding the Filmstock package. This is also the choice of most Filmora9 users. If you are still concerned about the price difference, use Filmora9 discount coupon on Jackydeals, you will have to pay US$ 55.99 only.

I hope the information in this article is helpful for you. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

Affiliate links disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. We will earn a small commission when you purchase the product through the links in this post. This commission does not affect the price you pay in any circumstances.


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