FilmoraGo Review: Best Free Video Editing Application On Android

FilmoraGo Review: Overview

Making videos on smartphones has never been easier when there are a vast number of video editing applications available now. If you’re looking for a free, no watermark video editor for your Android flagship devices, you’re at the right place now. In this article, we will share with you our in-depth review of Wondershare FilmoraGo, one of the best free video editing applications on the market now.

FilmoraGo is a simple to use, yet powerful video editing application for making videos on Android and iOS devices. The app is designed for novices and casual users who want to make YouTube videos, vlogs and short promotional videos and share the video instantly on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram with its built-in sharing options.

FilmoraGo includes a wide variety of video and audio editing features such as split tools, picture in picture, speed tools and load of transition, royal free music, sound effect, video effect as well as animated titles. You can also crop, rotate, flip your video, or image with its transform tools as well as overlay different video filters to change the look of your video project easily. That’s not to mention about different color adjustment tools which lets you adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and clarity of the original footage.

FilmoraGo is available on both Android and iOS devices.

FilmoraGo Pricing Options and Where to download

FilmoraGo is a free and safe to download video editing application. Once you have it installed on your device, you will be able access to all the features of the app and even export to SD resolution without watermark on the output. If you want to export in full high definition resolution (1080p), you will need to pay approximately $4.5 to remove the logo roll. There are different effect packs, stickers and filters on the store for you to buy. They also offer free packs which you can just tab the download button to get the pack ready to use inside your application.

Being mentioned that all these effect packs are included in FilmoraGo Pro subscription plans. You can choose its monthly plan ($4.99), or yearly plan ($19.99). All in all, it’s free to use. So, you just head over to the store, download and try it yourself to see if it works for you, or not.

FilmoraGo Pros

  • Has an intuitive user interface and smart editing workflow with multiple layers’ timeline.
  • Possible to extract audio from one video and use it in another video.
  • Support up to 12 different languages.
  • Be able to split, trim, rotate, flip and crop video seamlessly.
  • Loads of built-in transition effect, video effect, music library and sound effect.
  • Possible to add animated overlay stickers, filters.
  • Adding PIP (picture in picture) with different blending options.
  • Possible to extract audio from your video as well as recording voice-over directly in the app.
  • Control video speed.
  • No in-app ads.
  • Change project Aspect Ratio.
  • Has an asset library where you can download more material.
  • Has basic color grading tools.
  • Export your project in 1080p up to 60 fps and share your video directly on various platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and more.

FilmoraGo Cons

  • Output resolution is limited to 1080p only.
  • Fast forward speed is limited to 2x only.
  • It’s difficult to find what transition effect we should use because they don’t have any title on each effect.

How to use FilmoraGo?

Start Page

Once you launch the app, you will see 7 different buttons on the screen where you can (1) View FilmoraGo Pro pricing options, (2) Access to the basic settings of the app, (3) View your recent projects, (4) View your current project and sharing options, (5) Capture new video with your available camera on your phone (permission request is needed), (6) Creating a new project from scratch, (7) Visit the store where you will see FilmoraGo Pro subscription plan, Tools, Stickers and Filters packs.

Media Files Selection

Like all other video editing applications, the first step in your video creation is to select media files on your device. In FilmoraGo, by clicking at the New Project button, you will be redirected to a window where you can select video files (15 files per import), or photos on your phone to import them into the main editing interface. There is an Album button to select a specific folder on your device too. With FilmoraGo, you can tab the file to select it, or hit the advance button on the top right corner of the thumbnail to trim the clip before importing it into the editing interface. This is a very useful feature which helps you save your time and resources while making videos.

Main Editing Interface

Once you selected all necessary media files and pressed the Import Button, you will be redirected to the main editing interface which is super easy to navigate, even for total beginners. Take a look at the below screenshot where I pointed out the key points.

Added to that, you can zoom in/ out the timeline with two fingers touching on the screen. FilmoraGo places its 10 most important folders right below the timeline where you access to all the basic and advanced features of the application.

Editing Workflow (my personal step-by-step guide for beginners)

  1. In order to create a new video project in FilmoraGo, you will need to import all of your footage into the main editing interface.
  2. Press the Canvas button on the right to select an aspect ratio for your project as well as your video background if you want. If you ignore this step, your final output will be the same with your input footage.
  3. Select a background music for your project. You can select a song from FilmoraGo’s built-in library, or a local file on your phone.
  4. Split, trim and arrange the clips on the timeline according to the beats of the music (optional).
  5. Add transition effect, text title, subtitle, overlays, stickers and video effect if you want.
  6. Add filters to your video, or adjust the color of the video with FilmoraGo’s built-in color grading tools.
  7. Finally, export your project and share your video.

These are the steps that I normally do whenever I want to create a new video project in FilmoraGo. But, you don’t have to follow exactly the same steps, video editing is a creative work. Everyone has their own unique workflow that is unlike anyone else


FilmorGo is a free, powerful and intuitive video editing application for those of you who are a video editor on the go. I personally recommend this application for those of you who love to make videos quickly on your smartphone and share your project instantly on your social platforms. It’s well designed so that you can find yourself creating engaging videos with ease.


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