Camtasia 2021 Review, Pros and Cons and Where to Download

In this article, I will cover everything you need to know about Camtasia 2021, latest version of TechSmith Camtasia, one of the best software for creating online training videos, software demos and how-to tutorials. We will also discuss about its pricing plans, key features of the software as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the software too.

For your information, I’ve been using Camtasia for creating software tutorials for my YouTube channel since 2018. If you want to watch some sample videos on my channel, click here to visit my YouTube channel. And I am very happy if you can subscribe to my YouTube channel too.

Hopefully, this Camtasia 2021 review can give you some pieces of useful information to help you make your own decision.

If you want to get 30 days free trial of Camtasia 2021, click this link to download the software. Be sure to check out my 10% off Camtasia 2021 coupon code to save your money if you want to purchase the license too.

What is Camtasia?

Camtasia has been know as one of the most powerful screencasting software on the market for over 15 years. It includes two main functions i.e screen recording and video editing. With Camtasia, you can quickly create a video tutorial following a very smart process of screen recording, video editing and publishing. All the tools you need are included in this software.

Camtasia is designed for educational purposes only. It can be considered as one of the best educational content creation software in the world today. However, it is not universal software that can do everything. If you use it for the wrong purposes like editing vlogs, travel videos or other types of videos that require a lot of effects, then you won’t get the most out of this amazing software.

Camtasia is a software that is relatively easy to use, the features all work perfectly. However, like most other video making software, it requires you to have a powerful enough computer to work. If you are not sure if your computer is powerful enough, please refer to the software’s configuration requirements in advance here. Basically, Camtasia works quite stably, there are few unexpected closures and the backup feature is always there to help you recover the project when the software fails.

Camtasia Pricing Plans

Camtasia has different pricing plans for individuals, business, education, government and non-profit organizations. All of them are one-time fee, compatible on both Windows and macOS, one license can be installed on two machines at the same time, 30 days money back guarantee. There are volume discount and special requirements on education and government license too. Click here to view all pricing plans of Camtasia.

If you want to purchase Camtasia 2021, don’t forget to use our 10% off Camtasia discount coupon code to save your money. Just copy and paste this code: ELEARNINGCAM at checkout to get the discount.

If you have older version of Camtasia, you can upgrade to the latest version at $139.99 only. However, it’s better to consider what’s new in Camtasia 2021, compare to the older version before you pay for it. Watch my video about all new features of Camtasia 2021 down below:

If you want to try the software for 30 days, click here to download Camtasia trial version.

Camtasia Key Features

As I mentioned above, Camtasia is a training software. Its workflow is also very simple, that is screen recording, editing and publishing. With many years of experience using Camtasia, I think that it has 3 main features to pay attention to: screen recording, video editing and built-in presets. In this section, I will try to cover all the important information of these features for you to understand them better, instead of listing out all the features of the software that you can easily read the product description page here.

Camtasia 2021 Screen Recorder

It is a simple to use, yet powerful screen recorder which lets you capture your entire screen, a selected area on the screen or a specific resolution preset. Added to that, you can also select the webcam you want to record, select the microphone for your voice-over and system sound too. Technically, it has the same function compare to other simple screen recorders on the market. And all the function of this screen recorder works perfectly.

Camtasia 2021 Screen Recorder

With Camtasia, screen recording is just the beginning of creating a video. And the more fun part is editing your video, adding mouse effects, zoom effects, transitions and annotations and so on. All of this will be done in the Camtasia video editor which I will cover below.

Camtasia 2021 Video Editor

Once you finish your screen recording, you will be redirected to Camtasia video editor user interface where you can edit your video recording, including adjust your webcam size and position, add different audio effect to your voice over, add new background music as well as different mouse cursor effects and so many things more.

Camtasia video editing tools like split, cut, crop, delete options as well as speed control, chroma key and export frame option are included. All tools are presented in front of your eyes when you open the program. It’s easy to find them when you need them.

In this video editor, you can also find loads of useful effects like zoom and pan, scale animation as well as blur, spotlight effects, cursor highlight, magnify etc. In visual effect folder, there are speed effect, colorize effect, motion blur, device frame, media matte, corner rounding and so many things more. As a content creator, I really enjoy these effects because they are easy to use and very practical for my content creation work. All I need is to find the effect that I want to use, drag and drop them on to the timeline to get things done properly. It’s easy like a piece of cake.

Camtasia is designed for creating training videos. Added to that, you can also add quizzes to your videos to test your learners’ comprehension in Camtasia too. This is a unique feature that does not exist in simple video editing suites. However, if you want to use this feature, you must consider export your project into an HTML5 package instead of normal video formats (mp4, avi…etc).

Camtasia 2021 Video Editor

Overall, Camtasia is relatively easy to use. Even those who have never learned to edit video can easily grasp the basic features of the software in a short time. However, to master the software and use it to a higher level, you will need to diligently watch video tutorials on YouTube, and practice making videos with the software for a few days to a few weeks, depending on your ability to learn new things. One of the ways to learn to use the software that I find most effective is watching YouTube videos. You can refer to my video tutorial about Camtasia below. It is much easier to understand than reading hundreds of pages of operational manuals. Keep in mind that this video tutorial is for Camtasia 2020, but the process in Camtasia 2021 is exactly the same.

Video Effects and Built-in Presets

Camtasia offers a wide array of video effects, transitions, animation and load of annotation presets which can be extremely helpful for content creators. Its assets library, which contains various kind of intros and outro templates, lower thirds, characters and icons, can help you make amazing videos in no time. You can also download more assets from TechSmith online store once you get Camtasia installed on your computer. In my opinion, these video effects and built-in presets are the key to make Camtasia stand out of the crowd.

Camtasia 2021 Pros: What Do I like Best?

Well, Camtasia has been my go to software when it comes to making software tutorials for my YouTube channels. Here are the things I like most about this software:

  • Camtasia screen recorder lets me record and edit my webcam seamlessly with my computer screen. I can resize, reposition and add animation keyframe to my webcam so that I can move it around the screen while talking. This is one of the thing I like most in Camtasia.
  • Zoom and Pan effect in Camtasia is simple to use and effective for creating zoom effect which is one of the key when it comes to make software tutorials. This is my most used effect in Camtasia until now.
  • Built-in annotations helps me speed up my work so much. These beautiful and professional looking annotations help me create highly engaging instructional videos in no time.
  • Camtasia performance is another pros of the software. When using camtasia, I rarely have problems with crashes and lags. It works very smoothly on my low end computer. With the new Camtasia 2021, the software lets you create proxy for high resolution videos and optimize HEVC codec for better editing performance are also make it worth trying now.
  • Camtasia license price is very affordable compare to other video editing suites on the market. One single license of Camtasia, which is $249 can be installed on two machines at the same time. That’s not to mention about other offers for education and government organizations.

These are some of the the things I like about the software. There are many things more. By the way, lets talk about the things I don’t like now.

Camtasia 2021 Cons: What Do I Hate?

Actually these are not things I hate, but rather things that I feel Techsmith can do better to make Camtasia perfect.

  • Audio and Video synchronization does not work properly. Whenever I record a screen video with my webcam, the audio is not synchronized with my video, especially when I am using my DSLR as a webcam, instead of my built-in webcam. Hopefully, TechSmith will solve this problem soon so that I don’t have to manually synchronize my audio any more.
  • The software license is for life. However, you will have to pay an additional cost if you want to upgrade to a newer version. This makes me a little uncomfortable and you should also pay attention to this issue if you decide to buy Camtasia.

Okay! That’s everything I hate in Camtasia. Not so much, right! But, that’s all I want to say!

The Bottom Line

Camtasia is a great software for creating online training videos, demos and how-to tutorials. It’s one of the best all-in-one video editing suites for trainers. If you want to create highly engaging, professional looking instructional videos, Camtasia is not doubt the best option for you. Anyway, don’t lets my words fool you, try it yourself to see if it’s good or bad for your need.

Camtasia is not a free software, meaning that you need to purchase a license to remove the watermark on the output as well as continue using the software after 30 days free trial. You will need to register an account with your email before you want to start using it. A single license of Camtasia cost $249, one-time fee, and can be installed on two machines at the same time. Our 10% off Camtasia discount coupon code can help you save $25 if you want to purchase the software.

Hopefully, this article helps you understand more about Camtasia. If you want to get 30 days free trial of Camtasia, check out the links (affiliate) below:

Camtasia 2021 Affiliate Links

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