Top 5 Free Alternatives To Filmora Video Editor

The best free alternatives to Filmora video editor. Top 5 free video editors similar to Filmora video editing software to download and use totally free!

Filmora video editor of Wondershare is an amazing simple to use at professional editing level in the world at present time. It has been developed to satisfy the need of creating nice looking videos quickly for novices and intermediate users. Once you get familiar with using Filmora, I am sure you will like it. However, there are few free alternatives you should try if you don’t want to purchase it.

In today post, I will show you top 5 alternatives to Filmora video editor you can try on your Windows PC, Mac or even Linux. These software are completely free, no feature limitation at all. As usual, all tools have been tested carefully by our experts to make sure they work and safe for you to download and install.

Top 5 Filmora Video Editor Free Alternatives

1. VSDC Free Video Editor

The first option I suggest you to try is VSDC free video editor. This is a professional video editing software for Windows users. It provides you all necessary tools to edit your video from basic to professional level. For example, in Filmora, you can import your footage, drag and drop them into the timeline for editing. Then you can apply filters and effects to make your videos look better. VSDC can do the same things and even more such as: a powerful annotation suite which you can not have in Filmora. More important, this software is totally free to download. Exported video will not have a watermark like Filmora too. Below are some screenshots of VSDC free video editor.

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Download VSDC FREE Now

2. Shotcut

Shotcut is a free and open source video editing software you can use as a free alternative to Wondershare Filmora. It’s also very simple to use, and has many video, and audio effect right inside the program. Shotcut is not as stylish as Wondershare Filmora in term of video effect, and title presets. That’s not to mention about slower video rendering speed when using Shotcut. In my opinion, if you have a budget, you can go for Filmora. But, if you don’t want to spend money on video editing software, Shotcut is a great option to go. Here’s the screenshot of Shotcut main work space.

Shotcut video editor
Shotcut video editor – An open source, free editing software

Download Shotcut Free Now

3. Lightworks 14

Lightworks is a professional video editing software, which has been used in many famous Hollywood movies. There are different versions of Lightworks on publisher’s website, the version I am mentioning here is Lightworks 14, a free and no watermark video editor for Windows, Mac and Linux. If you’re looking for a professional level and powerful video editor to getting started without spending any money, Lightworks 14 is one of the options for you.

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Download Lightworks 14 Free Now

4. Movavi Video editor

If you want to get a 90% the same as Filmora video editor, then Movavi must be the best option. I strongly advise you to try Movavi video editor as an alternative of Filmora since it has lower cost and exactly the same features with Filmora. The work flow, editing capability, effects packages, rendering speed and many thing more, are exactly the same. If Filmora is elegant and powerful then Movavi is more than that. Here are some screenshots of Movavi video editor.

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Download Movavi Now

5. ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter is a great alternative of Filmora video editor in term of making tutorial video and product demonstration as well as creating marketing videos. As you can easily recognize that in Filmora, a built-in screen recorder is designed for such purposes: Making Screencast! However, I must admit that ActivePresenter has a different video editing style and it is much more suitable for you to create a screencast or elearning course. You can download and install it on both Windows PCs and Mac to use without any limitation. Here are some screenshots of ActivePresenter.

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Download ActivePresenter Free Now

Bottom line

There are some other alternatives of Filmora video editor in my mind such as Hitfilm 4 Express, VideoPad video editor or Davinci Resolve. However, from my point of view, if you are using Filmora and want to find an alternative, you will need a simple to use program instead of professional-level software. That’s why I put these names in this article.

Do you agree with my suggestion? I want to hear from you! Just leave your comment at the bottom of this post. Remember to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future.

Good luck!

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