Best professional video editing software For All Budget

Best professional video editing software for all budget (Windows and Mac) are here. These powerful programs can help you create screencast videos, training videos and home movies quickly. 

Professional video editing software is extremely a complicated program that you need to learn and practice day by day to get familiar with it. Anyhow, good video editing software must provide a simple work flow and possibility to use advanced features easily. In short, it must be suitable for both novices and professional users. To be honest, it is really hard to vote for specific software “the best professional software for all purposes”. That’s the reason why we have divided our topic into major parts i.e: professional video editing software for screencast and for common usages.

In 2017, we spent almost 200 hours on reviewing professional video editing software for all budget and platforms carefully. We realize the truth that there is exactly no best professional video editing software for all purposes. While some software are great for making screencasts, some others are suitable for editing simple videos and uploading online only. In today’s post, we are going to share with you the best professional video editing software you can try. Whether you are professional video editor or just a video editing beginner. They are simple to use and easy to learn.

Best professional video editing software 2018

Best professional video editing software for making screencast videos

These video editing software are designed specially for making screencast videos. All these tools are simple to use and cost-effective.

 1. ActivePresenter

The first, most professional video editing software for screencast we would like to recommend to you is ActivePresenter, an all-in-on program: The best Free Screen Recorder – Professional video editor – Screencast Software and elearning Authoring Tool that works for Windows and Mac OS. This software meets all basic and advanced needs of a screen recorder & screencast video editor and rapid e-learning authoring tool. Anyone can learn to use ActivePresenter quickly, even with the novices. Although ActivePresenter is not the most cost-effective tool, $149 per license, but the built-in features impressed us. Take a look at this software if you really want to create engaging tutorials and product demos for your business.

ActivePresenter Editing tools

Download it free here!

2. Camtasia Studio 9

Like ActivePresenter, Camtasia Studio 9 is a professional, optimized video editing software for making screencast. You can use it for creating tutorials and product demonstration rapidly. Camtasia Studio 9 with new update features with a newly designed easy-to-use interface and the possibility to rend video in 4K, UHD quality as well as numerous improvements in comparison with Camtasia 8 make it worth trying for all of us. It keeps all the advanced functions of Camtasia 8 such as: great quality capturing and editing tools to make elegant, nice looking videos. The cost of Camtasia Studio 9 stands at $199 is not a big issue if you really need a professional software for your daily work. Take a look at our review and see how to make stunning videos with Camtasia Studio 9.

Camtasia Studio 9 editing tools
Camtasia Studio 9 editing features

Try it free here!

3. VSDC video editor

Our 3rd choice, VSDC is the lowest cost, professional video editing software you can use for making screencast videos on Windows. It is really similar to ActivePresenter with the cost $19.99. Do you believe that? See below our brief overview about VSDC.

VSDC free video editor is one of the most interesting, brilliant free video editors that works on Windows we’ve ever reviewed. It provides all necessary tools to create instructional tutorial videos, attractive movies that everyone can learn easily. While the free version has all features you need, Pro version will only cost $19,99 is such a real bargain.

You can create home movies and slideshows using essential montage tools. The intuitive interface makes working with Video Editor a breeze: just import videos and photos, trim and enhance individual segments, apply a soundtrack or voice-over, insert text, and add atmosphere  with stylish filters and animated transitions! Save your completed movie in a range of popular formats, optimized for playback on mobile devices and online sharing.

Edit Your Videos in multiple Scenes

Try it free here!

Best professional video editing software for common usages

These are simple to use video editing software that you can use for basic and advanced video editing at very low cost. Most of them are designed for targeting at creating common videos, clips or short advertising videos. They normally provides many interesting effects to add into the videos. The price range will be from $30 up to $100 only.

4. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is a powerful yet easy-to-use video processing program for Windows. Cut and join video clips with zero quality loss, apply stylish video effects and filters, add music, titles, and much more! Despite its extensive functionality, Movavi’s video editing software is very easy to work with: take a pinch of fantasy, mix it with some free time, and you’ll have a Hollywood-like video with a lot less effort. Download the program, review the information on this page – and your path to fame has for sure begun! Movavi has two version for Windows, one Movavi video editor for personal at $39,95 and Movavi video editor for Business at $79,95 which are good deal for professionals but not amateurs.

Movavi editing tool is easy to navigate and use by drag-n-drop into the timeline

Try it free here!

5. AVS video editor

AVS Video Editor is an easy video editing program. Create, edit video, capture video/ make a video slideshow/ cut, merge, trim video files/ save to any format. AVS video editor can work on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, 2003, Vista (no Mac OS/Linux support).

AVS Video Editor supports all key video formats. Edit & save video files in AVI, VOB, MP4, DVD, WMV, 3GP, MOV, MKV, using popular codecs H.264, MPEG-4, H.263 etc. Process video with different frame sizes: HD, Full HD, 2K Quad HD and 4K Ultra HD

AVS video editor interface1

Try it free here!

6. Voilabits Video editor

VideoEditor, developed by Voilabits, is a handy new tool that lets you edit videos easily and quickly! Cut and merge various clips, apply special effects, trim, crop, rotate video and much more. Convert for any popular player device and share anywhere. The price $39.99 per license is really a great deal for a professional video editing software for Mac.

  • Get awesome experience to edit movie on Mac with a bunch of funny features
  • Cut and merge your home clips into a new movie easily like an expert
  • Personalize and spice videos with crop, trim, music, filter, webcam, ect.
  • Convert for plackback on popular smartphones/Tablets, and share to YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Voilabits Video Editor Video

Try it free here!

7. Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is one of the most easy to use, professional video editing software we have ever reviewed in its lineup. Filmora provides Full feature mode for more control of the project and Simple Mode for creating video quickly. Simple mode allows you to import video, arrange your story by drag-n-drop, insert background music, choose a theme for video and click Export. It will take around 5-10 minutes to create a movies to upload. The speed of exporting file impressed us. If you want more controls on your project, then you get into Full feature mode that allows you to access to full editing tools arranged above the timeline track.

Filmora User Interface – Easy to navigate

Try it free here!

8. VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad video editor is a simple to use, intuitive video editor for creating professional videos quickly that you can trust. It is a cross platforms editor (Windows, Mac and Android) which can capture video from various file formats and devices. VideoPad has a really friendly, classic and intuitive editing interface that everyone can learn quickly. You will have a menu bar on top of the editing window to control the whole project while clips, audio and image are placed on the left of the window. You also have a preview window on the right of the windows and a timeline at the bottom. All major editing buttons are displayed with a small icon, you can recognize it easily.

VideoPad friendly user interface

Try it free here!

9. PowerDirector 15 Ultimate

PowerDirector 15 Ultimate is developed by Cyberlink and become more and more popular now adays. This is a simple to use but professional video editing software. With an Action Camera Centre, lots of effects, multicam editing capability, 360 degree true view designer. TrueTheater® Color makes it easy to create Hollywood-style videos with just a click, dynamically adjusts the color saturation in video, intelligently recognizes skin tones in footage and applies only subtle adjustments to these areas, while protecting skin tone from distortion.

PowerDirector 15 film editing software

View it on Amazon!

10. Hitfilm Express

HitFilm 4 Express has all the tools you need to create a nice looking videos from multiple footage. It has an intuitive user interface that you can learn to use in few minutes. While his brothers Hitfilm Pro is a great, powerful software for making Hollywood film like what are showing on the slide show above, but it cost $329, this free version is missing the possibility to export project to various formats like other tools that we reviewed. The only option is to upload the project directly to YouTube.

hitfilm 4 express free poster-image

Try it free here!

So, these are the most professional video editing software for screencast and common use. We will keep you updated about more professional video editing software for making film or sharing online in this article at soonest time.

Best professional video editing software for editing films

11. Vegas Pro 15 Edit – $399- View on Amazon

61QW4A3AbrLThe video software VEGAS Pro Edit provides complete, modern editing tools in a lean, logical interface to help you realize your highest creativity. Customize your working environment into the perfect layout with unprecedented flexibility to achieve your most fluid creative flow. Slash production time dramatically with leading-edge hardware acceleration. Leverage exacting video editing tools to cut all popular input formats faster than you ever thought possible. Perform powerful color grading and correction with today’s most important color science advancements. Robust finishing tools put sophisticated compositing, industry-standard audio production, and delivery to all important formats right at your fingertips all within the same intuitive interface.

12. Hitfilm Pro -$314 View it on Amazon

Pro‐level editing. Superpowered visual effects. Next generation films. HitFilm Pro 2017 is a unique mix of video editing, visual effects and 3D compositing all in one product. Includes 3D object rendering, a powerful particle simulator, over 500 customizable visual effects and presets, professional color grading, industry-standard BorisFX titling and over 150 creative plugins for use in other video software.

hitfilm pro


13. Adobe Premier Pro CC -$239.88 – View it on Amazon

Edit video faster and more fluidly than ever before with the powerful, more connected Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Dozens of brand-new features, including a redesigned timeline, improved media management, and streamlined color grading, allow you keep the focus on your creative work.

Because Adobe Premiere Pro CC is part of Creative Cloud, you get immediate and exclusive access to all the latest updates and new features as soon as they’re released, and you always control when to download and install them. You can also conveniently sync settings between your computers; tap into a free and growing library of expert training videos from Adobe and others; and showcase your work on Behance.

Download, install, and run the full version on your own computer, and conveniently manage your subscription from your games and software library.

Adobe premier pro

14. Cyberlink PowerDirector 16 Ultimate – $99 – View it on Amazon.

With an intuitive interface and an unrivaled feature set, PowerDirector delivers high-end performance editing for both standard and 360º video. Built to be flexible, yet powerful, PowerDirector remains the definite video editing solution for anyone, whether they are beginners or professional.

  • Movies in Minutes with Express Projects
  • Introducing: 360º Video Stabilization
  • Intelligent Color Correction
  • Extreme Editing at the Action Camera Center
  • True 360 View Deisgner
  • Express Color Grading with LUTs
  • Video Collage Designer
  • Smoother Previews, Faster Exporting
  • Premium Plug-ins and Templates
Powerdirector 16
Powerdirector 16

15. Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate – $89.99 – View it on Amazon.

Edit your media your way with the power, creativity and control of Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate video editor – our best just got better! Pinnacle Studio Ultimate delivers the tools you need to create pro-like videos, including premium effects from NewBlue FX. With powerful features like new Morph transitions, Split Screen video, Multi-Camera video editing and more, you can create HD and 4K videos with the controls, filters and precision you need to edit like a pro. Get the controls you need and go beyond what you thought possible with Pinnacle Studio Ultimate!

Pinnacle 21 Ultimate
Pinnacle 21 Ultimate

Our best picks?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this topic, there is no best software for all. So consider your goals, your budget, your video editing skills to pick the best one for you.

Bottom line

We know that there are still more professional video editing software out there. However, of all the software we’ve reviewed, these are the most professional programs you should try. Share with us your opinion and don’t forget to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future.

Good luck!

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  1. Hi. Quora brought me here. This is a really great summary. I do like your suggestions for screencast video like ActivePresenter and VSDC. As a beginner, i love these easy-to-use software. Cheer!

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