CyberLink PowerDirector Review: The best professional video editing software

Cyberlink PowerDirector review: PowerDirector 16 is the best professional video editing software you can try. It is a powerful video editing software plus numerous cutting-edge features.

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Cyberlink PowerDirector Review

CyberLink PowerDirector is a really professional video editor with a bundle of amazing features and effects which you can’t find in consumer products on the market at present time. The program is not as easy-to-use as some other professional video editors I’ve reviewed like Camtasia Studio 9 or Filmora video editor. But, their excellencies at video rendering speed surprised me.

So, What’s new in Power Director 16? Take a look at this short promotional video from Cyberlink to have an overview of this software.


  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Various options for editing video including: Timeline mode, Storyboard mode, Slideshow creator or 360 video editor.
  • Provides basic and advanced video editing tools for easy navigation.
  • Various output formats and sharing options are available.


  • Hard to use with beginners.
  • The program sometimes includes optional packages/ limitations on video editing features that you’ll need to purchase.
  • It only provides 30 days free trial with watermark on exported videos.


If you are hunting for the software that can help you catch up with modern video editing technology and dedicated to create Hollywood style movies, you should try PowerDirector 16 for sure.

User Interface

As said above, UI of PowerDirector 16 is as intuitive as many other professional video editing software. When starting the program, you’ll have some options to start with the screen resolution to choose. In order to start editing your video in a common way, I would suggest you go to TimeLine mode. All you need to edit video are here. While Storyboard and Create Slideshow mode will lead you to a less control work flow but faster procedure. In this short review, I will share with you more in the TimeLine mode of Power Director 16.

PowerDirector 16 Starting Screen
PowerDirector 16 Starting Screen

Import video options 

Like Camtasia or Filmora, there are various options for you to import your media into the editor. There is a library where you can store your video, music and picture. It is also possible to sort out the library, choose bigger thumbnail and so on. In order to start editing, drag-and-drop your footage into the Timeline track to begin. In PowerDirector 16, 2 video tracks are available which will be helpful when you want to overlay a video over the other as well as make use of PIP, Chroma key effect much easier.

PowerDirector 16 import media

Basic video editing tools

In Power Director 16, cropping a video, image or split it into pieces will not be a big issue. All the basic video editing tools such as: cut, trim, delete, join video, adjust audio, apply transition to your video can be done easily from the navigation toolbar on the time line or right click at the video you want to edit.

On the left side of the editor, you can find all the basic video editing tools and effects area where all the tools arranged vertically.

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Advanced video editing tools

PowerDirector 16 includes dozen of advanced video editing tools such as Power Tools, Keyframe, Fix/Enhance button on the timeline as well as Split, Modify, Trim, Chroma key, Split screen, Zom and pan, video cropper and also a built-in powerful screen recorder for creating screencast.

The best part of PowerDirector 16 is off course its possibility to edit 3600 video with lots of amazing features. The software allows you to import your 3600 video for editing by drag and drop your video into the timeline. A package of 3600 video stabilization is also available for you to create more stunning video and export it to MP4 or sharing online directly. See how it works from this introduction.

Exporting video

After finish editing your footage, you are able to save your video into various output formats for standard 2D such as: AVI, MPEG-2, WindowsMedia, H.264AVc, in 3D or Device. There is also option to share your video online directly to facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo or Youku.

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As said above, rendering video speed in PowerDirector 16 is truly amazing. We have never seen any software that can render a video as fast as PowerDirector 16 before, including Filmora, Camtasia or some other professional video editing software like Hitfilm Express or Adobe Premier Pro.

Technical support & tutorial resources

CyberLink has been being a famous video editing software developer for many years. Technical support from Cyberlink is great. There are many tutorial videos and how-to topics on their website for beginners to learn how to use it.

Pricing and installation

PowerDirector 16 has some options for new users and the promotional upgrade packages for existing users can choose. As a common user, I would advise you to start at PowerDirector 16 Ultra at $99 which includes almost everything you need to edit video except the Wedding pack, Holiday Pack, Travel pack and BorisFX Stylize…and so on. Those advanced editing tools or effects can be upgraded later if you really need them. You can also choose to buy this software from Amazon at $53.90 (46% OFF) for download version or $49.90 for DVD/ CD digital download copy.

View PowerDirector 16 Ultra on Amazon here!

Bottom line

There are many things that I want to say about this software including how to download it or how to use its advanced editing features and so on. However, I will end my review here and will come back with more tutorial videos, tips about this software in a few weeks. If you have any question about this software, don’t hesitate to ask in our comment area. Don’t forget to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future.

Good luck!

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