Best free screen recorders for creating tutorial video

Best free screen recorders for making tutorial video. All these tools are free to use.

Creating a tutorial video and upload on YouTube or Facebook to share your knowledge is a way you can help other people know about you and your skills and your expertise. It is also an effective way to earn money online that many YouTubers are successfully did.

In order to create professional tutorial video, you will need powerful screen recorder, indeed. However, you’ll need to find a correct screen recorder for creating tutorial video. It shouldn’t be a simple video recording tool but has to be a tools with some advanced features like annotation tools or editing video…

In today post, I am going to show you 5 best free screen recorders for creating tutorial video. Those are the most suitable software for making tutorial videos. They includes all necessary tools such as: recording screen, editing video, adding annotations on video or images and even have some advanced features like Zoom and Pan, crop video or blur effects, adding subtitle and so on.

Best free screen recorders for creating tutorial video

1. ActivePresenter

It has to be the most professional, free screen recorder for making tutorial video you should use for Windows and Mac at present time. ActivePresenter is not only a high definition screen recording software but also a powerful video editor and elearning authoring tool. For making tutorial video, ActivePresenter can record your desktop in full screen, customized region with external audio or system sound as long as you want. After recording, you are able to edit your footage in the editor where you add more video, images into the editor, adding annotations like shapes, spotlight, highlight, blur effect as well as text, subtitle into your video. There are dozen of tools for making tutorial video you can use in this software to polish your footage and transform it to a professional product. Once everything is done, you can export your video into AVI, MP4, MKV or WebM to share with your friend or upload it on YouTube, Vimeo or what ever. Here are the introduction video about ActivePresenter for better view of this product.

Download it free here!

2. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free, open source program you can use for creating tutorial video totally free of charge. Although it can not compare with ActivePresenter in terms of editing video or authoring your elearning content but it is really great screen recorder for making tutorials. In OBS Studio, you are able to capture video with audio, add your existing videos, images, text into the studio and it even provides a free live streaming option for someone who want to broadcast their tutorial video live on YouTube or Twitch. The quality of recorded videos are something that is highly appreciated by many users. If ActivePresenter can work on Windows and Mac only, then OBS Studio can also work in Linux too. Here are a completed tutorial video about how to use OBS Studio to record your computer screen to make tutorial videos.

3. Apowersoft free online screen recorder

There is a way to create tutorial video without downloading and installing an offline software like ActivePresenter or OBS Studio. That is to use an online free screen recorder. The most famous, popular name on the internet now must be Apowersoft free online screen recorder. It got over Screencast O Matic or Screencastify to gain our trust recently. Apowersoft online screen recorder provides high quality recording possibility for users on Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS. It is specially suitable when you want to make a short, simple how-to video for your product occasionally. When recording screen in Apowersoft, you can use their built-in drawing tools to annotate on the recording, trimming unwanted parts of your videos is also possible. See how Apowersoft works here.

Try it free here!

There are few more free screen recorders you can use for making how-to videos such as: Icecream screen recorder, Ezvid (same as OBS), Flashback Express, VSDC free screen recorder or Aiseesoft…etc. But, from my point of view, if you download and try any of the above suggestions, you won’t need to continue searching for other programs any more. That’s why I stop my recommendation here. Anyhow, if you want to read my review on these software, visit the category Free Screen Recorder. All of them are here.

Bottom line

Making a tutorial video for your product or just to show your customers how to use your product in video is absolutely the best way to convince them to make buying decision. “Video is worth more than a thousand words, right!” It is even more wonderful when you don’t need to buy a software to do that. I hope my recommendation can help you in some ways to boost your business and love to hear from you. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to drop me an email or comment on this website.

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Good luck!

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