Best Free Video Cropping Software – Windows/Mac 2018 Updated

Updated 2018: These best video croppers can do more than just cropping video.

Editing video is a complicated procedure where the editor combines his clips, images and audio to create a story to convey his idea to viewers effectively. There are hundred of features in a video editing software. And cropping video is a key features that a professional video editing software should has.

Recently, I’ve found some great free video editing software for Windows, Mac and Linux which provide cropping feature for free. These are not only a simple video cropping tools but also capable of cutting, trimming, splitting and merging clips as well as many other options to polish your raw footage and transform it to stunning video at no cost.

On this page/ topic, I will give you a short overview of the software and show you a how-to video showing how to crop video by the recommended software. Being noticed that the how-to videos are not created by myself but other professional video editor I am following you YouTube. That’s not a big deal, right?

Best Free Video Cropping Software – Windows/Mac 2018 Updated

1. VSDC free video editor – Best free video cropper for Windows

The first tool for cropping video free: VSDC free video editor is a powerful, professional video editing software that allows users to crop video, image for free. On the other hand, you are free to use all other features of this software such as: cut, trim, merge video, apply transitions and effects to the video easily. VSDC’s built-in annotation tool and screen recorder are advanced options for creating tutorial video or product demonstration. Take a look at below how-to video to learn how to crop video in VSDC free video editor.

Download VSDC FREE Now

2. ActivePresenter – Best overall video cropper for Windows and Mac

Second tool for cropping video free: ActivePresenter is more than just a free video cropping software like VSDC. Its work follow, screen recording and video editing capability are almost the same. In ActivePresenter, you can record your computer screen and edit recorded video or import a video from your computer to edit in the editor. It is free to crop, cut, trim, split, merge videos/ clips as well as adding annotations to your footage. ActivePresenter can be installed and used on Windows 7, 8x, 10 and macOS X while VSDC is only compatible with Windows only. Take a look at this tutorial video to learn how to crop your video in ActivePresenter.

Download it free here!

3. Shotcut – A great open source video cropper you can trust

Third option: Shotcut is one of best free, open source video editing software that allows you to crop your video easily through its Filters. This program is one of my favorite video editing software after VSDC and ActivePresenter for creating short and simple video which does not need to be annotated. Added to that, Shotcut is more similar to professional apps you can find on the market like Filmora or Movavi video editor. By using Shotcut, you’ll need to learn all of its features and the channel I suggest you to follow is the one who created below how-to video – Mr. Eko.

 Download it free here!

4. Lightworks – Simple video cropper for film editors

Forth option: Lightworks. Have you ever heard about Lightworks, a professional video editing software for film industry? And don’t you know that Lightworks v14 is a totally free video editing software that has much, much more than just a free video cropping software. Regardless of the its features limitation in this free version, Lightworks v14 is a worth trying options for those who want to start his professional film making career in the future. Learn how to use cropping tools from this tutorial video.

Download it free here!

5. Filmora Video Editor – Professional video cropper

Final option for cropping video free: Filmora. Last but not least, is the most elegant, simple to use video editing software that you can use to crop your video quickly in just a few clicks. That’s Filmora video editor, a famous product of Wondershare cooperation. Although Filmora free version will leave a watermark on your final results, but the price to remove it is not a big deal in comparison with what this software offers. If you want to read more review about Filmora, click here to get access to our latest article. Learn how to crop video from below tutorial video made by Filmora’s marketing team.

Download Filmora Video Editor for Windows

Download Filmora Video Editor for Mac

Bottom line

I believe that there are many other free options to crop video, even some online tools. However, if you need more than a simple video cropping tool, then you can try my above recommendations. If you like my post, please share it on your social channel. Don’t forget to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future.

Good luck!

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