ClipChamp Free Online Video Editor Review

Clipchamp free online video editor review: Simple to use, lack of advanced editing features and 5 videos limitation.

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Our review

Recently, I reviewed an online free video editing software, named ClipChamp. Here are some of my comments to give you more views of this software. From the perspective of a video editor, I’m not really impressed with what it does. Although this is a software that is recommended on some reputable review sites around the world.

Things I do not like:

1. It’s too monotonous to provide just a few video editing tools like trim, crop, flip horizontally and vertically, adjust saturation, and allow for video or upload to YouTube.

Clipcham Edit video
2. If you are a free user, you are only allowed to edit 5 videos and have a limited time for video recording by webcam.

It’s fine if you only need to edit video one time per month. But, if you need to edit video everyday, this is not a software for you.
3. This software does not allow video screen capture and can not merge multiple videos together into one file.

4. There is no way to add transitions or effects to your video.
5. Video conversion speed is relatively slow compared to other offline video editing software such as VSDC or Lightwork.

Since I don’t want to go with this software, I didn’t consider to purchase it. There are some pricing plans which offer you more tools as you can see in below picture.

Clipcham Pricing Plan

Bottom line

Maybe I’m a hard guy or I have other better choices in the field of video editing, so I really feel unhappy about such a simple software. If you have experience using this software, please share with me.
For free video editing, I highly recommend you to watch the following software: The best free/paid video editors for Windows and Mac.

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Good luck!

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