Creating More Engaging Videos With Chroma Key Effect in ActivePresenter Tutorial

ActivePresenter is one of the most simple to use green screen software for Windows and Mac. This program allows you to apply green screen effect (chroma key) for video easily. Learn how to use Chroma key in ActivePresenter 7 from this short tutorial can help you create more engaging videos with minimum effort. 

How to apply green screen effect in ActivePresenter?

Knowing how to use green screen is a good way to bring your videos to the next level. For example, you can definitely film yourself in front of a green or any consistent color background, and then use ActivePresenter to replace it with other spectacular image or landscape video. How fun and interesting it is!

Using this feature is quite easy:

Chroma key in ActivePresenter 7

Step 1: Select the video object that you want to apply the effect.

Step 2: Go to the Properties pane, access the Green Screen Effect section (1) in the Media tab.

Step 3: Click the Color Picker (2) and select a color.

Note: The selected color is the color of the video that you want to key out. So, to replace it more exactly, you can use the Eyedropper to choose the color from the video.

To access the Eyedropper, click the down-arrow button on the Color Picker (2) and click Eyedropper… (5):


Step 4: Move the Tolerance slider (3) to adjust the range of color to key out.

Higher values key out a wider range of color near the key color.

After all the adjustments, if you don’t satisfy with the result and want to start all over again, click Reset Color (4) to revert all the changes.

So, it’s easy to use Green Screen or chroma-key in ActivePresenter, isn’t it?

Download ActivePresenter 7, try this feature today and get ready to have professional videos by yourself.  Feel free to email us if you need more support.

Learn more ActivePresenter 7 here

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