Top 3 Best Tools to Create Web-based Training Courses

Web-based training courses are more and more popular nowadays thanks to the development of education technologies. Experience trainer can creates web-based training courses and share them on a learning management system to maintain their training path without wasting time organizing traditional training classes. The benefits of the course are clear as daytime. However, do you know how to select the right tool to create highly engaging web-based training courses? That’s what we’ll cover in this article. We’ll share with you 3 best tools here. Let dive into the detail now.

web-based training
Web-based training courses can save your tons of time and money!

1. ActivePresenter – Best Affordable Tool To Develop Interactive Training Courses

ActivePresenter is a powerful rapid e-learning authoring tool for creating web-based courses. The program comes with simple to use interface and a bunch of built-in features for developing fully responsive courses, branching scenarios and interactive online training programs.

ActivePresenter can help you create Branching Scenarios Courses effortlessly.
ActivePresenter can help you create Branching Scenarios Courses effortlessly.

ActivePresenter is widely used for making screencasts, software simulations and software training courses. It comes along with a full high definition screen recorder, an advanced video editor (text to speech, customize java script, green screen effect and more), annotation tools, various kind of interaction and HTML5 export capability. You can use ActivePresenter to publish your project into SCORM or xAPI Tin Can which is widely support by many modern LMSes.

Though ActivePresenter is free to download and use for non-commercial purposes, you are not allowed to use its free version for commercial purposes. Added to that, ActivePresenter free edition will leave a watermark on your HTML5 outputs. Other outputs will not be watermarked. For developing web-based training courses, we recommend you purchase a lifetime license of ActivePresenter at $399 to getting start. This is a one time payment and it’s comparable cheaper than other similar tools on the market.

2. Articulate Storyline 3

Articulate Storyline 3 is another option you can use for creating web-based training courses effortlessly. This powerful e-learning authoring tool offers full set of common authoring features plus an built-in content templates and character library inside the app.

Storyline 3 Publish Report And Tracking
Reporting and Tracking Options in Storyline 3

Like ActivePresenter, Articulate Storyline 3 also allows you to develop responsive courses quickly and export your project into HTML5 in SCORM and xAPI. The only drawback of this program is the lack of advanced video editing features and its expensive license price –$1398 for lifetime. By the way, it’s worth to try if you are not satisfied with the first option.

3. Camtasia 2018 – Best Tool To Develop Video Training Courses

Last but not least, take a look at Camtasia 2018 of TechSmith if you don’t really need to create web-based training courses in HTML5 format. If all you need is to create an online video training course with effects, annotations and quizzes, then Camtasia 2018 is tool for you.

Camtasia 2018 Review
Camtasia 2018 provides a new Library, higher video rendering speed, 60fps recording and free assets of videos and audio templates.

Camtasia 2018 includes a full HD screen recorder which allows you to create screencasts and video tutorials quickly. It does have a timeline video editor with a bunch of filters and effects for making videos. Added to that, Camtasia 2018 also lets you add interactive quizzes into the video, export and upload your project on your web.

This program is only available to try within 30 days as trial. After this period, you are no long able to use it any more. Lifetime license is $249 perpetual.

Bottom line

Selecting the right tool can help you save tons of time and money. Via versa, choosing wrong tools will cause lots of trouble. We hope you to help you with this piece of information. If you have any question about these programs, don’t hesitate to contact us any time. Don’t forget to follow us to keep you up-to-date with our latest posts.

Good luck!



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