65% Off SEO PowerSuite Discount December 11 2018

A huge SEO PowerSuite sale is coming on Tuesday, December 11. It’s a very limited-time offer (actually, the biggest 65% discount opens for just 1 day). View all deals now!

So, to make sure you don’t miss the offer, I’m giving you the page where it will take place at this SEO PowerSuite 2018 Christmas Sale. The sale isn’t out yet, but if you’d like to get the deal, just visit the URL on December 11.

Optimized-Seo PowerSuite.png

I see you’ve missed some of our latest news emails, so I just wanted to make sure you won’t miss the most important facts about SEO PowerSuite. That’s just a quick notice about the key updates and the 65%-off SEO PowerSuite sale coming.


1. We’ve completely rebuilt our SEO SpyGlass tool and, most importantly, powered it with a new & powerful backlink database (that crawles 7.1 billion new pages every day).

2. From now on, your website and company settings can be synchronized between different SEO PowerSuite apps and different devices where they are installed. No more copying your settings from one SEO PowerSuite app to another — have them synced.

3. WebSite Auditor’s Hreflang Manager now now allows you not only to audit and optimize your hreflang settings, but also to generate new hreflangs for any website.

4. Rank Tracker’s Keyword Sandbox module lets you conveniently store all your keyword ideas for the future (to be able to analyze and re-analyze them whenever needed).

5. A set of usability updates included pausing/resuming any tasks in SEO PowerSuite, as well as copying data from a single app’s cell and some other niceties:)

6. And the new Rank Tracker’s Ranking Keyword tool (while still in beta and working for the USA only) let’s you find all the keywords a website currently ranks for in Google.


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