ScreenCast O Matic Review 2020

Screencast O Matic was a free and no watermark screen recording application which can be used to record your computer screen, your webcam or both with audio and narration in full screen (1080p) or HD resolution (720p). Although there was a 15 minutes limitation in the recording time, it’s still a good choice for educators and trainers who don’t want to install an offline screen recorder on their computer.

In 2020, tested this program again and ended up realize that it’s not a free and no watermark application any more. The program will now leave a watermark on your recording which is still 15 minutes limitation in free application. Added to that, you can only record screen, webcam, or both with your narration. System audio recording function is now disable in its free application.

If you want o remove the watermark, you will need to upgrade to their paid plan which is $1.5 per month for Deluxe account, and $4 per month for Premier account. All plans are billed yearly.

Here is a quick tutorial of how to record screen with Screencast O Matic on our YouTube channel.

If you have any question about the program, leave your comment below or contact us for further information.

Good luck!


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