Wondershare Filmora Basic Video Editing Techniques For Beginners

Wondershare Filmora is a simple to use video editing software for novices and casual users. It’s suitable for YouTubers, travel vloggers and other video makers who need to make videos quickly with built-in preset titles, transitions and video effect.

In this post, I will guide you through all Filmora basic video editing techniques to help you getting started with this program quickly. This is a step by step tutorial for beginners. If you’ve already had prior video editing experience, you’re welcome to skip this post.

Wondershare Filmora Video Editing Techniques

1. Wondershare Filmora Download and Installation Guide

Wondershare Filmora is free to download and install on your computer. It’s available for both Windows and macOS. There are different download packages for special operating system. Click the links below to download and install the version you need.

If you’re currently using older versions of Filmora, watch below tutorial to check for your version information and download the latest version, Filmora 9.3 if needed.

2. Wondershare Filmora Basic Editing Techniques

Once you’ve finished the installation of Filmora on your computer, you’re are ready to go. Watch below basic video editing techniques for beginners before you import your media file into the library.

3. Wondershare Filmora Tips and Tricks While Editing Videos

Now you’re editing your first project with Filmora. And you’re struggling with laggy issues, just take a deep breath, watch my follow tips to help you eliminate laggy issues in Filmora.

4. Wondershare Filmora Adding Text To Your Video

Adding text to video is one of the most common used features when it comes to making videos. In Filmora, the Title Tab on the main menu is where you can find loads of preset titles, lower third, end credit as well as subtitle templates. You can simply drag one of them on the timeline to use without any further modification. If you want to create your own unique styles, go ahead to the advance tab, customize your own title with text size, font, text border, shadow and animation. Check out below tutorial to know how to add text into your video using Filmora.

5. Wondershare Filmora: Adding Transition Between Clips

Built-in transition package is another cool feature in Wondershare Filmora. All transitions are ready to use by drag and drop action. You can select any of more than 300 different transitions in Filmora to add into your video. Learn the basic technique in below tutorial.

6. Wondershare Filmora: Edit Audio, Audio Keyframe and More.

Music and sound effect are two important factors to help your videos stand-out. Adding background music, adjust volume, add audio keyframe are useful features that you should learn when getting started with making videos. Below tutorial video covers what you need when it comes to editing audio in Filmora.

7. Wondershare Filmora: Color Grading Your Videos

Honestly speaking, color grading tool in Filmora is not as powerful as other pro-level video editors. But, it’s enough for those of you who want to make YouTube videos. The feature includes: adding LUTs, adjust white balance, adjust lighting condition and control of HSL. It also includes some color preset for you to change the look of your video quickly. Here’s how you can color grading your footage in Filmora.

8. Wondershare Filmora: Export Video and Upload to YouTube

Finally, when everything is done. You’ll need to export your project into video formats for uploading to YouTube, or other video sharing platforms. Filmora offers different export video options you can use such as save to local file, upload to YouTuber, burn into a DVD, or export to specific device. For most users, export video and upload to YouTube is their choice. Follow below tutorial to learn how to export video in Filmora.

Bottom line

That’s all the basic video editing techniques I want to tell you in this post. If you learn all the above mentioned tutorial videos one by one, you’ll be able to start making videos with Wondershare Filmora now. If you have any question about this program, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Good luck!


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