Is Wondershare Filmora Safe or Any Good (Review in 2019)

In this article, I will help you find answers to two important questions about Wondershare Filmora video editor. Firstly, is it safe or not? Second, is it worth the money? I will also include tutorial videos for beginners here so that you can easily see what you can and cannot do with this program to help you make your own decision easily.

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Wondershare Filmora overview

Pricing options

Wondershare Filmora  is a simple to use video editing software for novices and casual users. It’s compatible with both Windows and macOS. Its license price is $69.99 for lifetime, and there are other options for you to select out of this lifetime offer. In my opinion, Filmora lifetime offer is the one you should get if you’re satisfied with what the program offers.


Wondershare Filmora is a video editing software for novices and casual users. If you don’t have prior video editing experience, no worry! It won’t take hours to learn Filmora. Like other classic timeline video editors, Filmora’s editing workflow is very similar. You will need to import your footage into the media library, drop them down to the timeline, split and remove unwanted parts, add background music, then adding transition, video effect and finally add a video title.

Filmora comes along with load of preset titles, transitions and video effect to help you speed up video editing work once you’ve learned the basic. There are advance features like Chroma key (green screen effect), audio keyframe and color grading tool right inside the program too. Take a look at below tutorial for beginners to see how simple to use it is.


Program performance is crucial when it comes to video editing, especially when you’re using laptops, or low end PCs for making videos. If you own a gaming PC, or a high end laptop, you will be able to edit video smoothly with Filmora most of the time.

On the other hand, the program will cause laggy issues and “not responding issues” if your computer is not strong enough. Especially when you import a large number of clips into the library, or adding special effect, preset title on to the timeline without using the Render button, which lets you get rid of laggy issues by rendering everything on your timeline to get smooth preview. How about video rendering speed (or export video speed).

Filmora video rendering speed is very impressive. By the way, video rendering speed depends on different factors such as your computer specifications and your project itself. All in all, Filmora is one of the fastest video editing program when it comes to video rendring.

What Filmora can and cannot do? – Missing Features in Filmora

The strengths of Filmora are ease of use, load of preset titles, video effect and fast video rendering speed. Therefore, it can help you make video faster than other pro-level video editors. You can cut, trim video, merge video clips, add video titles, lower third templates, crop video, make slow motion video, add background music to video, key out green color, remove background noise, add transition between clips and so many thing more. All these features are included in Filmora. If you’re a YouTuber, a travel vlogger who need to publish videos on daily basic, and you don’t need advance color grading tool, motion tracking or freehand masking tool, then Filmora is the right option for you.

As being said, current version of Filmora is still lack some important features i.e motion tracking, advance color grading tool, free hand masking, video keyframe and some other features which I am sure that they will not be added in near future. If these features are important to you, you’re welcome to switch to other pro-video editors.

Is Wondershare Filmora Safe?

Like other programs on the internet, it’s safe to use at present time does not mean it’s safe forever. We can only say that, until now, we have no problem using Filmora for making video. The program got our email address to create a Wondershare ID on their server. That’s all the information we provided to them when purchased the license. Your Wondershare ID can be used to log in Filmstock, which is a subscription service of Wondershare where you can download video effect, stock footage and other templates they offer. Below screenshot shows the information you need to provide when purchasing Filmora license.

Filmora Purchase Page
Filmora Purchase Page

Do We Recommend This Software?

Filmora video editor is highly recommended for YouTubers, Travel Vloggers and people who need an easy to use and lightweight video editor for making videos on laptops, and low end PCs. It’s good enough for the basic stuff. Those of you who need advance features I mentioned above, it’s not recommended.

How about Filmora Alternatives?

There are several other video editors which have similar features and license price like Filmora out there. But, from our point of view, the closest one can be Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020, latest version of Movavi video editor, or CyberLink PowerDirector. These programs have similar workflow, video and audio editing features as well as pricing plans. Check out below review to learn more about them.

Wondershare Filmora Getting Started Tutorials For Beginners

Check out Filmora tutorial playlist on our channel to learn more about this program.

That’s all the information you need to know about Wondershare Filmora. I hope you find the answers for your question. If you decide to buy Filmora license, don’t forget to use our 20% off discount coupon code to save your money. Click the links below to download Filmora free trial version:

Download Filmora Video Editor for Windows

Download Filmora Video Editor for Mac


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