Is Wondershare Filmora a BETTER Video Editor Than TechSmith Camtasia?

Wondershare Filmora is an affordable and simple to use video editor, which is suitable for most novices and casual users. It’s designed for toward Gamers, YouTubers and those of you who want to make travel videos, vlogs and so on. On the other side, TechSmith Camtasia is a professional video editing software for making online training videos, which include how-to tutorials, software demonstrations or video-based online training courses.

These two software are designed for different purposes, targeting different customers. However, people are constantly comparing them with each other to find the answer to the question: which software is better. If you are wondering about choosing one of these two software, read this article. In particular, we have pointed out the differences in features, uses and their license price too. In order to figure out what best for you, watch my below tutorial for beginners about both programs:

Filmora 9 tutorial for beginners

Camtasia Tutorial for Beginners

What are the key differences between Filmora and Camtasia?

1. Lifetime License Price – $69.99 vs $249

Filmora is cheaper than Camtasia when looking at lifetime license price of both program. For one single installation, Filmora cost $59.99 which will lets you remove the watermark on the output when you export your video. When Wondershare releases new version, you’re free to upgrade. -> Get 20% off Filmora discount coupon code here!

Camtasia single license price is $249 which includes 2 installation per user, available on both Windows and macOS. Normally, when there is a new version, you’ll have to pay for the upgrade fee. -> Get 10% off Camtasia discount coupon code here!

2. Camtasia Screen Recorder is BETTER than Filmora.

If you’re an instructor, software reviewer or an online educators who often record your computer screen to create screencast videos, you will easily recognize that Camtasia screen recorder is way better than Filmora in many cases. Camtasia screen recorder has more features than Filmora such as the ability to customize mouse cursor effect, edit mouse pointer as well as the ability to record screen and webcam simultaneously. Watch my below videos to understand more.

Camtasia Screen Recorder

Filmora Screen Recorder

3. Filmora has more presets than Camtasia: Title, Transition, Video Effect.

As I mentioned above, Filmora is designed for making YouTube videos, or travel videos. It has more preset titles, more video transitions and more video effects than Camtasia. With Filmora, you can drag and drop these presets on the timeline and apply them to your video easily. This is the main reason people love to use Filmora for making YouTube videos. There is an online effect library, Filmstock, where you can download free and paid assets for Filmora too. But you will need to subscribe to a plan to get these paid packs in your Filmora.


Camtasia is a professional training software, TechSmith does not concentrate on developing video effect and transitions in the program. If you’re making online training videos, Camtasia built-in presets are enough to use. If you want to get more effect, you can head over to TechSmith’s assets store to purchase. This is a subscription based service too.

TechSmith Assets

4. Filmora Color Grading Tool is better than Camtasia

Honestly speaking, color grading tool of Camtasia is very bad. Though you’re still able to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation of your clip with Camtasia color adjustment filter. If you’re making tutorial videos, these tools are enough. However, if you’re making other video content like movies or travel videos, you will need more than just these basic tools.

Filmora gives you more in depth color grading tool than Camtasia. It has more features than Camtasia. For example, you can add auto color enhancement, adjust white balance, adjust lighting condition, correct your exposure, apply LUTs for your video and so many things more.

5. Filmora works better on low end Pcs/ laptop

When it comes to editing videos, you’ll definitely need a strong computer, or laptop for smooth editing. However, if you’re not able to buy high end computer for making videos, Filmora is a great option to go. There is a render button on the timeline where you can use when editing to get smooth playback. Added to that, you can also select creating proxies and lower playback video quality to run on your low end machine. Camtasia does not have these options.

Bottom line – Which software should I buy?

It depends on your needs and budget. If you’re going to make YouTube videos, travel videos, short films etc, Filmora is a better solution. If you’re going to make professional online training videos, Camtasia is better.

If you have any question about these programs, don’t hesitate to ask me any time. I would love to hear from you.

Good luck!


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