Camtasia vs Filmora Video Editor: Which One is better?

Camtasia vs Filmora video editor. Side-by-side comparison of TechSmith Camtasia and Filmora video editor of Wondershare. Find the better one in this article!

Camtasia vs Filmora video editor
Camtasia vs Filmora video editor

Overview about Camtasia and Filmora

Camtasia (or Camtasia Studio) is one of the most famous video editing software for creating short marketing videos, training videos, product demos and tutorials. The program is decent yet powerful for screencasting and creating training videos. However, you may wonder why its price is way too high in comparison with other video editing software available on the market now. That’s why we make this short comparison article. In this post, we picked Filmora video editor, which has many similarities.

Filmora video editor is also a non-linear video editing suite which has similar classic timeline editor like Camtasia. This program includes everything you need from basic cutting, trimming, cropping features to advanced editing tools such as Chroma key, camera shake stabilizer etc. The program also includes load of video effect, elements and preset titles for creating video faster too.

We tested both programs and found out the key differences between them. Our detail reviews are at below links:

Let’s make it clear now!

Camtasia and Filmora comparison table

Compared Feature Camtasia  Filmora 
Vendor original United State China
License price  $249 per license  $59.99
Software type Offline Offline
Simple to use Yes Yes
Record screen  Yes Yes
Cut, trim, crop video Yes Yes
Multiple video track Yes Yes (100 tracks)
Chroma key Yes Yes
Import PowerPoint Yes No
Add clickable links Yes No
Annotations Yes Yes
Text, filters, transitions effect 8/10 9/10
Adjust audio Yes Yes
Subtitle Yes Yes
Split screen Yes No
Edit 4K video Yes Yes
Edit 360 video No No
Login ID Yes Yes
Video rendering speed 9/10 9/10
Online support 9/10 7/10
YouTube tutorial Yes Yes
Frequent update Yes Yes
Trial time 30 days No, free with watermark
Operating system Windows/Mac Windows/Mac
Best for Online training videos, product demos, how-to tutorials, YouTube videos Movies, music videos, promotional videos, travel videos.

Which one is better? Camtasia or Filmora?

In order to help you make your own decision, let’s me point out some major differences of these two programs from what I learned over the years.

1. Purpose of using software

These programs target difference customers or users. While Camtasia pays attention to professional training solution providers and viral marketing agencies, Filmora covers the market share of consumer users i.e individuals or home movie creators.

  • Camtasia is especially convenient when you create a complete video training projects. For example, the program lets you record video, add annotations (many kind of ready to use annotations), export and share your results quickly. Camtasia’s screen recorder is a powerful and reliable tool you can use for multiple purposes. It’s one of the best tool I’ve reviewed so far.
  • Filmora comes in different perspective. It serves consumer users who often make video for uploading to YouTube or Facebook quickly. Those kind of users need more flashy filters and more sparkling video effect to attract viewers. This doesn’t mean you can’t make how-to videos with Filmora, but it’s not as convenient as working with Camtasia.

2. User Friendliness

Both Camtasia & Filmora video editor give you a friendly user interface and a smart editing workflow. Anyone can learn to use them quickly. There are no big differences between two programs. The workflow is typical. Drag and drop actions are the most common used one in these programs.


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3. Differences in features

These programs are very similar to each other. It’s difficult to find out the differences between them. However, there are some key points that worth to consider.

  • Performance: Both programs perform well when we create small project, such as 10 minute long 1080p video. Camtasia is more stable in some cases. However, the performance depends very much on your computer’s spec. If you don’t own a powerful enough computer/laptop, you’ll meet laggy issue in both programs.
  • Screen recorder: Filmora & Camtasia have a screen recorder that let you record video on your computer screen. For simple video recording, both tools work great. For more advance requirements such as adjust cursor effect, recording options, and settings, Camtasia is way better than Filmora.
  • eLearning quizzes, survey and clickable links: These features are available in Camtasia only. Filmora does not have. If you want to export your project into HTML5 for uploading to your website, or a LMS, you must go for Camtasia.

4. Pricing Detail

It’s easy to see that there is a huge difference here. Filmora lifetime license is only $59.99 for either Windows or Mac users. Camtasia full license is $249 lifetime. From my point of view, Camtasia concentrates on businesses, while Filmora concentrates on personal users, YouTubers, or individual influencers.

Filmora often offers special discount coupon, such as this 20% off coupon on while Camtasia’s discount coupon rarely appears on the net.

5. Free vs Trial

  • Filmora video editor is available to use for free with a watermark on your video. This means that you can try it as long as you want. All the features are the same with paid version.
  • Camtasia offers 30 days trial only. After this period, you’ll have to decide to buy it or not.

My Verdict

Both Camtasia and Filmora are good video editors at their budget. You need to carefully consider your needs, your purpose of use and your budget to decide which tool is suitable for you.

Buy Filmora Video Editor when you have a tight budget, or have no relationship with making interactive online training video courses. It is good enough for creating home movies and daily videos for YouTube and other social channels. Here’s an example video I made with Filmora in about 10 minutes.

Consider using Camtasia when you want to create video content that are able to deliver to different platforms such as your website, your local host server, or a learning management system. This program is decent for making educational videos and e-learning content.

I hope to give you some useful information to help you make your own decision. If you like our post, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends. Don’t forget to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future. To really get into these programs, I highly recommend you to watch my below tutorials about Camtasia and Filmora to know what you’re going install on your computer:


8 thoughts on “Camtasia vs Filmora Video Editor: Which One is better?

Add yours

  1. Hi Meiko, both Camtasia and Filmora allows you to preview your editing work (live version). You only need to render (export) your project when everything is finish. And, that’s what nowadays video editing software do. For more storage, I would suggest to purchase external hard drive. Currently, I am using 2TB WD My Passport. It’s enough for me.

  2. Question.., while producing videos on either of these, can you see live versions or do you have to render each time. Also, what options are available for storage besides on computer which I assume is one option?


    WHY DO’T YOU TRY OUT Filmora 9 and Filmora Pro … You will forget Camtasia..

  4. Hi Syibly, you are right! If you are going to create online training videos, Camtasia is much better than Filmora. There is another alternative call ActivePresenter, which is way better at creating online training courses (in SCORM, xAPI, HTML5). Take a look at this program too. Nice day!

  5. Thank you very much Jacky.
    Both are great, but since I am work at training online, you make me can take a firm decision: camtasia.

    I almost buy a filmora (since it much cheaper than camtasia), but after read you explanation, it seems camtasia is more perfect to me.

    Gracias !!!

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