Camtasia vs Filmora Video Editor: Which One is better?

Camtasia vs Filmora video editor. Side-by-side comparison of TechSmith Camtasia and Filmora video editor of Wondershare. Find the better one in this article!

Camtasia vs Filmora video editor
Camtasia vs Filmora video editor

Overview about Camtasia and Filmora

Camtasia (or Camtasia Studio) is one of the most famous video editing software for creating short marketing videos, training videos, product demos and tutorials. The program is decent yet powerful for screencasting and creating training videos. However, you may wonder why its price is way too high in comparison with other screencasting tools available on the market now. That’s why we make this short comparison article. We chose Filmora video editor, which has many similarities.

We tested both programs and found out the key differences between them. Let’s make it clear now!

Camtasia and Filmora comparison table

Feature Camtasia  Filmora
Vendor original United State China
License price  $199 per license  $59.99
Software type Offline Offline
Simple to use Yes Yes
Record screen  Yes Yes
Cut, trim, crop video Yes Yes
Multiple video track Yes No
Chroma key Yes Yes
Import PowerPoint Yes No
Add clickable links Yes No
Annotations Yes Yes
Text, filters, transitions effect 5/10 9/10
Adjust audio Yes Yes
Subtitle Yes Yes
Split screen Yes Yes
Edit 4K video Yes Yes
Edit 360 video No No
Login ID Yes Yes
Export video speed 9/10 8/10
Online support 9/10 7/10
YouTube tutorial Yes Yes
Frequent update Yes Yes
Trial time 30 days No, free with watermark
Operating system Windows/Mac Windows/Mac
Best for Training videos, demos Short movies

Which one is better? Camtasia or Filmora?

If we just look at the comparison table, I am sure that you will definitely choose Filmora instead of Camtasia. Because Filmora has much cheaper price than Camtasia with all necessary tools for creating stunning videos. However, the truth is: Filmora video editor is only suitable for those who has no relationship with online training videos or eLearning. Filmora can only help you to create short videos with filters and effects while Camtasia can do much more than that such as creating elearning quizzes, add clickable links, add beautiful callouts and annotations to the videos and more.

So you know some information about these programs. What do you think? Which one is better? I can’t tell you the better one if I don’t know who you are and what you are looking for. Consider your goals, your budget and choose the one that meet your requirements. Contact me if you have any question about these programs.

Bottom line

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Good luck!


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