Filmora 9 vs Camtasia 2020: Which Video Editor You Should Buy Now?

If you are wondering between buying filmora 9 or camtasia 2020 to make videos, this is the article you should read. In this article, I will point out biggest differences between the two software so that you can make the most accurate decision.

1.The Price

Filmora 9 has a better license price than camtasia. The difference is US$180. Filmora 9 lifetime license is $69.99 one-time payment. And Camtasia 2020 is $249. Both software are compatible with Windows and macOS.

2. The Update

Both camtasia and filmora are the latest two versions today. Filmora 9 was born more than a year ago, and there is no indication that it will be updated to Filmora 10 or Filmora 2020 at all. Meanwhile, camtasia is updated to a new version every year with some added features. With Filmora 9, when you have purchased the software license for a lifetime, usually you will be able to get the new version absolutely free. Conversely, every time a new version of Camtasia is upgraded, you need to pay an extra fee, equivalent to about half of the lifetime license price.

3. The Feature

Both filmora 9 and camtasia 2020 are software that can help you create videos quickly and easily with many templates available. However, Filmora 9 is designed for content creators on YouTube, vloggers making travel movies, short films, without focusing on the field of educational video creation. In contrast, Camtasia’s target audience is the way businesses and companies create training videos. Therefore, if only the basic features are compared, the two software have a lot of similarities. But going into details, they have a huge difference. Here are some highlights:

  • Camtasia’s screen recorder is better than Filmora. It’s more powerful, and more flexible than Filmora’s built-in screen recorder. For example, you can control your webcam settings easily in Camtasia, or change your mouse cursor effect as well as adjust your webcam size and position after your video is recorded in an effortless manner. Filmora’s screen recorder does not allow you to change the mouse cursor effect, as well as your webcam video in post.
  • Camtasia’s annotations, callouts, zoom and pan effect and other education related templates are more simple to use than Filmora. With animation keyframe options, you can easily adjust position, scale and behavior of the annotation quickly.
  • Camtasia has the ability to add Quizzes to your video and export to an HTML5 package (in SCORM 2004) which Filmora does not have.
  • Filmora has more video effect, overlays and title templates than Camtasia if only free resources are counted.
  • Filmora color grading tools is a little bit more advance than Camtasia.

4.The Performance

Both software are relatively light, do not require high configuration to create videos. Overall, there is no big difference between them even during video editing and video publishing speed.

5. The One You Should Buy

Each software has certain strengths and weaknesses. You need to carefully consider the video content you are about to create to choose the right one. In my experience, if you make vlog travel videos, short films to upload to YouTube, or facebook, you should buy filmora 9.

If you’re going to create training videos, with lots of annotations, callouts and screen recording, Camtasia 2020 is the better one.

The Bottom Line

ThFilmora 9 and Camtasia 2020 are good software, worth buying. However, you should carefully consider your needs and your budget choose the right software. And don’t forget to use our discount code to save your money when buying a license.

Affiliate disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I will earn a small commission when you purchase the product from the vendor’s site. This commission does not affect the price you pay in any circumstances.


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