What’s New In Camtasia 2021?

The most awaited event of the season is happening in just now – the new version of Camtasia (Camtasia 2021) is coming out on April 27, 2021. Click here to learn more!

What’s new in Camtasia 2021:

This is official release video from TechSmith. Watch it if you want to learn more about this new version.

All new features of Camtasia 2021

– Over 75 New Transitions!

– Motion Blur Effect

– Corner Rounding Effect

– Emphasize Audio Effect (Audio Ducking)

– Media Matte Effect

– 3D Color LUTs

– Lottie Animation Support

– Toggle Effects On/Off

– Zoom N Pan Workflow now on Mac

– Auto Quick Properties (Customizable Asset Creation)

– Quick Property Editor

– Group Tabs

– Proxy Editing (HD & 4k workflow improvement)

– Standalone Projects

Our thoughts

It is no doubt to say that this Camtasia 2021 is a game changer from TechSmith. Camtasia 2020 has been one of the best online training software recently. However, it’s not my favorite software when it comes to video editing because the performance is not smooth when editing high resolution footage. Added to that, it does not have advanced color grading tools like other similar video editors on the market, i.e Filmora X or Movavi Video Editor. With Camtasia 2021, the problem was solved with the capability to create Proxy Files (which is, technically, just a lower resolution file of the original footage) to help you edit video smoother. Added to that, 3D LUTs can help you change the look of your videos quickly without color grading skills.

Other features like Motion blur, media matte, audio ducking and transition are just what we need to create engaging videos. In our personal opinion, Camtasia 2021 is one of the most valuable updates ever by TechSmith. They have been building Camtasia into an integrated software for both creating screencasts and editing videos at the same time.

We will keep trying this new version and lets you know more detail as soon as possible. For now, you can try it yourself by clicking here to get your 30 days free trial of Camtasia 2021.

Being mentioned that if you want to purchase Camtasia 2021, our 10% off Camtasia discount coupon code is still available now. Just copy this code: ELEARNINGCAM and paste it at checkout to save your money. Visit TechSmith Store here!

Good luck!


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