Free screen recording software – 5 criteria should not be overlooked

In the emerging of high-tech software, a free screen recording software for Desktop PC and mobile device is no longer impossible-to-get with most people. Every one has chance to get a software on their own from dozen of free, easy to use software.

In today post, we will not talk about “how to choose the best software with top 5 criteria that should not be overlooked and our recommendation of the best free/paid screen recording software updated for 2017.

5 Criteria You must not always be overlooked

Criteria 1: Never accept free screen recorder with full of ads.

As we understand that ads are the only way the creators can get money from their free software. However, if the software is FREE, it must be truly FREE. They should not earn any money on that product. In the past, we can accept ads because of software limitation. Nowadays, you have many alternatives with NO ADS at all. Try ActivePresenter for example.

Criteria 2: Never accept WATER MARKS.

It sound a little bit strange but the fact is, when we are using free products, we only accept their limitation on some paid functions. It would be uncomfortable for you when you have to advertise for a software all the time, right. Let take this criteria as one of 5 important ones.

Criteria 3: Never believe in what creators boasting about themselves.

You should always searching in many other place to get correct information. I believe that NO ONE tell us how bad is their products. The only story is “We are the best..”. Let’s imagine, “every one is the best, then who is the 2nd one”.

Criteria 4: Never use unsafe free screen recorders

Yes, you know how it can harm your computers, mobile device, right. Unsafe here means containing of virus, Trojan, key loggers, malware. You should always test the software before install it. Not safe? Just forget them.

Criteria 5: Never pay anything for Free screen recorders.

Because you are using FREE SCREEN RECORDER, there is no reason to pay any thing. All you have to do is focus on Free functions. If you expect to have more functions, start over looking for a professional paid screen recorder.

Features check list for a good Free Screen Recording Software

  • Capture Area – Setting up your desire recording area or full screen.
  • Screen resolution – Depend on the tool, you will have wide range of choices here. At least, you will need very basic resolution such as 400×300, 800×600 or 1600×900. It would be great if you have 720p HD or 1080p Full HD feature.
  • Audio input – Give you possibility to choose external device (a microphone) or none.
  • Video format – Choosing desire file types as well as video quality.
  • Storage location – Allow you to select correct place to store your videos/ project.
  • Mouse cursor record: It is also common that you can set up to record mouse cursor or not.
  • Hot key setting: Basically you only need to have functional key to Start/ stop the program. It should be enough.
  • Start recording notification – Whenever it start to record your screen, there must be a notification so that you know you are ON.
  • Pause recording: You may feel thirsty after a while continuous speaking. Break time is always important, right?
  • Stop recording – By mouse click or hot key.

Avoid belows thing

  • Limitation of recording time. Normally, most software limit recording time in 15, 20 minutes or even 5 minutes.
  • Watermark: Your recorded videos will be stamped with an unexpected watermark that forces you to “Go Pro” or “purchase now to remove watermark”.
  • Annoying advertisements jump out abruptly on the screen. And the worst thing is such ads are absolutely unrelated to your work or business in most cases.
  • Includes spyware that can harm or slow down your computer.
  • Containing virus, trojan, key logger: This is the worst thing. We advise you to carefully check every link, download packages before installing it.
  • Lack of technical support: Some company create free software but it is impossible to ask for help via any kind of communication.
  • Missing editing functions: Most free screen recorders don’t have any editing function at all. Some of them have very limited editing features.

Demo videos

In conclusion

Nowadays, we have possibility to choose the best free screen recorder. You don’t need to hurry picking up a bad one.

We are listening to you!!! Let us know your opinions!

Good luck.

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