Benefits Of Free Screen Recorder

Free screen recorder is a tool that many people are using to create screencast video, product demos and tutorials. However, you may wonder what are the recordings used for or what are the benefits of using free screen recorder to record your computer screen? That’s what I am going to share with you today.

What are common features of free screen recorder?

Although there are both simple and advanced free screen recorders, but they have common features as following:

  • Record computer screen in full or a part.
  • Taking screenshot.
  • Record webcam or a web page.
  • Record audio from external device or systems sound.

As you can see, all the features are about record video from computer screen or capture image from your computere. Then, why are there so many different types of free screen recorders? What are the most important criteria in free screen recorder you should not overlook? Read this post!

Top 5 benefits of free screen recorder

1. Creating tutorial videos

Free screen recorder is a useful tool for creating tutorial videos. And in fact, it has been used by millions of people all over the world. If you often watch tutorial videos on YouTube or Vimeo, you will easily recognize that the creators often use a free screen recorder like OBS, Bandicam or ActivePresenter to record their computer screen.

2. Creating product demostration videos

When creating product demonstration videos for non-software product, you will need to shoot your own footage by your camera. However, if your products are software, then all you need is a free screen recorder to create a detail demonstration for it.

3. Record recurring problem with your computer

If something happen to your computer when using a software, there is a way you can describe the problem with the maker is to record your computer by a free screen recorder. Imaging how difficult it is to describe technical malfunction of a software when you are not very good at computing skills. It’s better to record or capture the problem and send it to the software makers.

4. Improve employees training efficency

By using a free screen recorder to create training videos for your employees to watch any time is an effective way nowadays. You don’t need to held traditional training classes at your organization any more. The only thing you need to do is download and install all-in-one free screen recorder like ActivePresenter or VSDC for creating stunning training videos.

5.  Save your money

Finally, the most important benefit of free screen recorder is to save your money. Despite the fact that the price for a professional screen recorder is not too much (normally less than $50) but I am sure you will be more than happy if you can use them for free. However, you’ll need to spend some time to choose the best free screen recorder to suite your needs.

In order to save your time, I will introduce some powerful, no watermark, no time limit, no feature limitation free screen recorders that are capable of doing above mentioned things perfectly.

Top 3 free and powerful screen recorders you should try

1. ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter is an all-in-one free screen recorder for creating tutorial videos, product demos, software simulation as well as creating online training courses. It is not only powerful but also a great free program that doesn’t leave a watermark or time limit on your recordings.

Try ActivePresenter FREE

2. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free, open source screen recorder for recording video and capture screenshot from your computer. It is one of the most popular free screen recorders that YouTubers often use to create how-to videos and product demonstration videos. Added to that OBS Studio is also a free live streaming platform to broadcast live videos.

Try OBS Studio FREE

3. Apowersoft free online screen recorder

This free screen recorder is web-based, meaning you don’t have to download screencast software to your computer to do the recording. Instead, you just open this free online screen recorder in your web. This application does not require Java Applet, but you need to install a launcher if it’s the first time using it. You can then record screen online without limits afterwards.

Try Apowersoft FREE

Bottom line

Have you ever used a free screen recorder to create tutorial video or product demos video. Do you know these benefits? I am very happy if you share your experiences. Remember to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future.

Good luck!

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