10 Best Screen Recorder Free/ Paid For Windows/ Mac 2018

Screencast video is one of the most effective ways to share your knowledge online via video sharing channel such as YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo. In order to make a screencast, you’ll need to use a screen recording software whether you are on Windows Pc, Mac or smartphones. Recorded videos can be used for many purposes such as how-to videos, product demos or online training videos and so on. The procedure can be touch if you don’t choose the right tool for the right purposes.

Among more than 30 free and paid screen recorders we’ve tried, this is the list of 10 best programs that can be used for creating high quality screencasts, product demonstrations, software simulations, or online training videos professionally.

Let dive into the detail now!

Editor’s choice: The best screen recording software for creating screencast, recording webinars, making product demos and software simulations for Windows and Mac – ActivePresenter 7

10 Best Screen Recorder Free/ Paid For Windows/ Mac 2018

1. ActivePresenter 7 – Free

ActivePresenter 7 is the latest version of ActivePresenter, created by Atomi Systems which has been famous through out the world in screencasting industry. It provides full high definition screen recording features which allows users to record video and audio from your PCs or Mac with Webcam in full screen or customized parts. It is also a powerful screen capture software for making tutorial videos, product demos and software simulations. Here is our full review about ActivePresenter 7.

ActivePresenter Recording Toolbar

Key Features

  • Record video on the screen with audio and webcam in full high definition.
  • Add images, shapes, texts, arrows, numbers and animations to recorded videos.
  • Cut, trim, crop, blur video, remove green screen background, add closed caption, picture in picture, text to speech and more.
  • Export video into MP4, AVI, MKV, WebM and HTML5.
  • Available on Windows 64 bit and macOS X.

Best For

  • Making software training tutorials, product demonstrations and online training videos.
  • Creating fully responsive e-learning courses.

Pricing Detail

  • Free to use for non-commercial purpose.
  • Standard Edition$199 per lifetime license.
  • Professional Edition$399 per lifetime license.

How To Record Software Simulations With ActivePresenter 7

2. Camtasia Studio 9 – 30 days trial

Camtasia Studio screen recorder is the program you can trust whether you want to create training videos, how-to tutorial or interactive screencasts with clickable links. Whether you want to record video on your screen, webcam or a locked application, Camtasia Studio can execute the work seamlessly. Camtasia also comes with an intuitive video editor with lots of advanced features that you can’t find in other simple screen recording software. Check out our honest review about Camtasia Studio 9 here.

Camtasia Studio 9 Recording tools

Key Features

  • Record video, audio and webcam in full HD quality.
  • Record game-plays, webinars and streaming movies without lag
  • Edit recorded videos and existing videos with pre-built templates, themes.
  • Add call-outs, annotations, shapes and text title into video quickly.
  • Adjust audio, color filters, remove green screen and more.
  • Export video into various formats and share on dedicated server.
  • Available on Windows and Mac.

Best For

  • Making screencast videos, online training videos, product demos and software tutorials or promotional videos.

Pricing Detail

  • Free trial within 30 days.
  • Premium license – $249 lifetime.

How To Record, Edit and Share Video with Camtasia

3. Movavi Screen Recorder

In comparison with ActivePresenter and Camtasia, Movavi screen recorder is less powerful as it does not provide built-in video editing features like above mentioned tools. However, if you only need to record video, audio and webcam without editing needs, Movavi can be a great option. License price of Movavi screen recorder is only $39.95 for lifetime. That is considerably lower than both ActivePresenter and Camtasia. You’ll get exactly the same recording features with the said options in Movavi. Read our full review about Movavi Screen Recorder here.

Movavi screen recorder

Key Features

  • Simple to use with intuitive user interface.
  • Easily record everything on the screen.
  • Lightweight and decent for making screencasts.
  • Export video in various formats.

Best For

  • Making YouTube videos and online training videos.

Pricing Detail

  • Free trial in 14 days with watermark on the output.
  • Personal license – $39.95 lifetime.

How To Record Screen With Movavi Screen Recorder

4. Mirillis Action Screen Recorder

Mirillis Action is a powerful, simple to use screen recording software you can trust. It has full functionality from recording screen video, record gameplay, take screenshot, record video from external device via USB or HDMI cable. Besides the basic features of a video-recording software, Mirillis Action offers more advanced features like Chroma key, live streaming and sharing features directly to YouTube and FaceBook. Read our full review about this powerful game recorder here.

Action Video Recording - Region Mode
Action Video Recording: Region Mode

Key Features

  • Intuitive UI and simple to use.
  • Built-in recording manager.
  • Greenscreen Mode, record webcam or USB/HDMI capture devices.
  • Record gameplay in HD quality and live stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Smashcast, Aliez and so on.
  • Record and upload directly to YouTube or Facebook.
  • Use fast, hardware accelerated video exporting with NVIDIA® NVENC, AMD APP or Intel® Quick Sync Video technologies.
  •  Add live audio commentary to your screen and gameplay recordings
  • Export video in various formats.

Best For

  • Record gameplay and live streaming.

Pricing Detail

  • Free trial in 30 days with watermark on the output.
  • Personal license – $29.95 lifetime.

How To Record Screen With Action

5. Bandicam

If you are a keen gamer, don’t forget Bandicam. It is the most famous game recording software for years. The program is lightweight, simple to use, no lag and powerful in recording desktop and console games. The only downside of Bandicam is that it will leave a watermark on your recordings when you use their free version. Read our full review to know why you should use it.

Bandicam Game mode recorder

Key Features

  • Easy to navigate interface.
  • Various video recording modes such as recording games, recording screen and record HDMI, Console Devices.
  • Record webcam and audio in full high definition quality.

Best For

  • Record high FPS games and streaming movies.

Pricing Detail

  • Free to use with watermark.
  • License for 1 PC – $39 lifetime.

How To Record Screen with Bandicam

6. Apowersoft online screen recorder

Have you ever thought about using a no download screen recorder to create how-to videos? This is exactly the program you want when you don’t want to download and install a stand alone recording software on your Pcs or Mac. Apowersoft free online screen recorder has been known as the best free online screen recording software for Windows, Mac and iOS for years with very high ratings from users. Check out our reviews here.

apowersoft free online screen recorder
Apowersoft access page

Key Features

  • No download is needed.
  • Accessible online and simple to use.
  • Record full screen, fixed area with audio and webcam.
  • Has real time drawing tool.
  • No watermark, no time limit.
  • Save video file or share directly to YouTube or Vimeo.

Best For

  • Record short tutorial video.

Pricing Detail

  • Free to use

How To Record Screen With Apowersoft

7. OBS Studio 

OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software Studio) is perfect screen recorder for games recording and streaming which can produce high quality results with all necessary features for capturing your desktop and webcam without watermark and time limit. It is 100% Free and Open Source. Our full review about OBS Studio is right here!

OBS Studio Mode

8. Screencast O Matic

Screencast O Matic is a small size and lightweight online recording application which allows you to capture video from your desktop with narration and share them directly on YouTube or Cloud. According to our test, Screencast O Matic offers exactly what they said on their website. By using their free version, you can record video up to 720p without watermark in 15 minutes. Check out our review about Screencast O Matic here.

Screencast O Matic recording window

9. Gilisoft Screen Recorder

Gilisoft is a safe, easy-to-use screen recording software with necessary features such as: full screen recording, partial screen recording, webcam video recording with system audio or microphone audio. It allows you to record full HD video (1920 x 1080 resolution) up to 30 fps. If you just need a simple software to record screen without any further editing needs then Gilisoft is not a bad choice. Here is the review about Gilisoft.

Gilisoft interface

10. Aiseesoft Screen recorder

Aiseesoft screen recorder is one of the most easy-to-use software for capturing videos and audios on your computer at high quality. Although its free version allows 2 minutes only.  Aiseesoft free screen recorder deserves to stand high in the best screen recorders lineup.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder impressed us by logical and clear user’s interface and really like this software. However, the limitation on recording time at only 2 minutes make it get lower point from our reviewers. Added to that, it lacks of video editing features also make us disappointed. However, if you want to record short videos, this tool maybe the best choice for you. The interface is so easy that you only need a minutes to learn and start making your recording. When looking at paid version, the price for 1 license will be $39 at the time we wrote this review.

Aiseesoft capturing tool
Aiseesoft capturing tool

Why do they have different price levels?

If you take a quick look at the pricing plan of these screen recording software, you will easily find out that the price levels are much different. Some of them cost $20-$40 only while the other like ActivePresenter or Camtasia Studio cost ~$150. Why? It is because of the advanced features in these programs. For example, with $149, ActivePresenter will allows you to create screencast video for commercial use plus a bundle of advanced features such as Blur effects, Chroma key, Text-To-Speech and export your project into HTML5 outputs, Word, Excel or PDF and so on.

For simple video recorder like Movavi or Mirillis Action, the price is much lower since they give you video recording tool only. That’s it. You can’t create training videos or product demos professional like Camtasia or ActivePresenter with these low-cost screen recorders. So, don’t just look at the price when choosing your screen recorder. Take a quick look at my below suggestions.

How To Choose Your Screen Recorder?

If you are still wondering how to choose your best screen recorder, consider below things to make sure you pick the right choice.

  • The most lightweight, free and simple to use screen recording software for creating tutorial videos, product demos and training videos or even responsive elearning courses has to be our #1 suggestion: ActivePresenter.
  • Apart from very expensive price, Camtasia Studio 9 is the best options for those who need both screen recorder and video editor with lots of effects and ready-set callouts or annotations.
  • If the offline software bother you, a great online tool like Apowersoft is the program you need to create screencast video and share it directly online without downloading.
  • For gamers, I would suggest you go for Bandicam or Mirillis Action Screen Recorder. Despite the fact that they are not free apps. In return, you can record your gameplay with less lag and broadcast your recording live easily.

These are some of my suggestions. You’ll need to consider your needs to pick the right program for you.

Bottom line

In order to choose the best suitable screen recording software for your needs, you will need to consider carefully about its features, purchasing price, system requirements and many other things. Don’t be hurry! Read carefully developer’s description before you go. To help you easily access publisher’s official website, we’ve put access links under the name of each software for you. Don’t forget to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future!

Good luck!



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