Top 10 Must Watch Tutorial Videos – ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter is a rapid elearning authoring software which allows educators to create elearning course quickly. It is also a simple to use, cost effective software that everyone can learn easily. These are 10 essential tutorial videos you should watch when using ActivePresenter 6.

1. How to start and stop recording in ActivePresenter

Start recording in ActivePresenter should be a very easy task but some users will find it difficult to stop it while recording. It will be much easier when you know exactly the “stop button”. Take a look at this short tutorial video.

2. How to create video demonstration in ActivePresenter

As you know, ActivePresenter is optimized for making product demonstration video where you can add introduction, annotation, product highlight or spotlight on the video. Take a look at this tutorial video to make life easier.

3. How to create interactive software simulation in ActivePresenter

Creating interactive software simulation is another great application in ActivePresenter. It is optimized for this purpose too. You can easily make a video to show the detail of your software to customer in just a few steps. Take a look at this tutorial.

4. How to create Quizzes in ActivePresenter

As mentioned in the first paragraph, ActivePresenter is a rapid elearning authoring software. It is super easy to create quizzes to test your learners in ActivePresenter. It is much easier than any other authoring tools.

5 & 6: How to edit videos in ActivePresenter

These are essential tutorial video you should watch if you want to use ActivePresenter as a free video editor. There are guides for cut/crop/delete video and split or join video in ActivePresenter.

7 & 8: How to export project into video format and Html5 in ActivePresenter

Exporting video or rendering video is an excel of ActivePresenter. It always product high quality results and waste less time than other tools. Here are two tutorials you should watch.

9. How to animate objects in ActivePresenter

10. How to use Picture in Picture in ActivePresenter

Bottom line

These are almost everything you need to learn in ActivePresenter from the first step: recording video to the final step: exporting project. If you want to learn more about our ActivePresenter full review, click here! Don’t forget to follow us for more valuable post notifications in the future.

Good luck!


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