Top 5 Best free video editors Without Watermark/ No trial

Free video editor without watermark can be a piece of cake for those who are just about to start their video editing career. You can’t use watermarked videos because of the copyright issue. We’ve compiled a list of 5 best free video editors, no trial, no watermark for you in this article to help you save tons of time and money.

Best free video editor

Video editor has become one of the most important programs in digital marketing nowadays. The best free video editor has to meet basic video editing requirements such as cut, crop, trim, split and merge clips easily. It has to be easy to download and install on your computer too. Whether you are a professional or just a video editing beginner, there are some important features of the best free video editor you should always consider:

  • It has to be a safe program, no third party installation, no ads, no malware.
  • Simple to use, intuitive user interface.
  • Has basic and advanced editing tools.
  • Allows you to capture various input formats and export video into specific options.

There are dozens of free video editors you can easily find out on the internet at present time. However, not all of them are created equally. Some of them are lightweight, simple to use but lack of advanced editing tools. Some others are professional and powerful programs but they will leave a big watermark at the center of the screen.

In today’s article, I would like to share with you 5 best free video editors without watermark/ no trial which are safe to download and really simple to use whether you are a novice or an experienced editor. If you just want to trim unwanted parts of your clip, crop a clip size or add a new audio track to your video and render it into MP4 or AVI to share on YouTube then these are the right tools for you.

5 Best Free Video Editor Without Watermark/ No Trial

1. ActivePresenter

The best free video editor for making screencasts & training videos

ActivePresenter is one of the best free video editors which has all tools you need to create professional screencast videos quickly. Whether you want to create new videos from recording your desktop or import existing footage to transform it into stunning videos, ActivePresenter can help. If you want to create tutorial videos or product demos, you can use ActivePresenter’s annotation tools, zoom and pan or text-to-speech features. They are free to use without any limitation.

In ActivePresenter, you have all necessary tools for editing video such as cut, trim, crop, and split and merge clip; add and adjust audio track; add transitions and more. There are also advanced features like Chroma key, blur effect, picture in picture, text-to-speech in this software.

When you are done with your project, the program allows you to export video into AVI, MP4, MKV, WebM at full high definition quality without Watermark. Rendering speed in ActivePresenter is really impressive.

Highlight features

  • Built-in high quality screen recorder.
  • Edit almost any video input files.
  • Have all basic and advance editing video packages including: cut, crop, join, merge, video, adjust audio, add transition, blur effect and much more.
  • Adding shapes, spotlight, highlight effect, text, quizzes, images, change background.
  • Export video into AVI, MP4, MKV, WebM, HTML5, PDF, Word and so on.

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Download it free here

2.VSDC Free video editor for Windows

The best free video editor for Windows

VSDC free video editor is the software that I have been using for years. It is a really great free video editing program for novices and intermediate users. No matter what you want to make: tutorial videos, music video clips or movies, VSDC can help you do all the things in a perfect way. This software is completely free without any restriction like ActivePresenter and can be used for commercial purposes. The only downside of this software is about operating system. VSDC can work on Windows only. Beside free version, VSDC pro license cost is $19.99 only with full technical support from Flash Intergo. This is a really great option to consider.

Highlight features

  • Built-in screen recorder.
  • Import and edit any type of video format.
  • Tons of effects including Chroma key, color twist, time lapse and many more.
  • Basic editing features like: cut, trim, split, join videos, add effect, blur effect, crop video, add text, add shapes, add subtitle and more.
  • Export video into various output formats.

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Download it free here


The best free and open source video editor for Windows, Mac and Linux

Shotcut is a free and open source video editor that you can use for Windows, Mac and Linux. It has everything you need to edit your footage from cut, crop, split, join video as well as add text, title and special effects to the video. Working with Shotcut, you will find it’s really simple to edit single video or multiple videos with a clear, intuitive user interface as well as the possibility to add effects quickly

Highlight features

  • Edit video in classic timeline interface.
  • Simple to use: It is really simple to cut, crop, merge video as well as add effects, 2D, 3D text.
  • Adding transitions, adjust color is as simple as eating a cake.
  • Video and audio effects are bananas.
  • Export video into dozen of formats without watermark.

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4.Lightworks 14

The best free video editor for home movie makers

If you want to get familiar with film making industry and want to use a software that had been used to create many famous Hollywood films such as: The King Speech or The Wolf of Wall Street, you should try Lightworks. The new version, Lightworks 14, is a wonderful free software for casual and novices users to start making home movies or simple social media sharing videos.

Highlight features

  • Quick and easy to edit video in classic editing pane.
  • It provides you all basic and advanced editing options
  • Export video into various format without watermark.
  • Stable to work.
  • Adding effects is as easy as Shotcut.

5. Hitfilm 4 Express

The best free film editor for beginners

HitFilm 4 Express has all the tools you need to create a nice looking videos from multiple footage. It has an intuitive user interface that you can learn to use in few minutes. While his brothers Hitfilm Pro is a great and powerful software for making Hollywood film like what are showing on the slide show above, but it cost $329, this free version is missing the possibility to export project to various formats like other tools that we reviewed. The only option is to upload the project directly to YouTube. However, this is great program you should try if you want to start your film editing career in the future.

Things you need to consider

Your goal

If you suddenly want to polish your footage, captured from your phone, camera to share it with your friends or colleagues and will not do the task again, you only need a simple, free video editing software in the above list. Once you want to be involved in video production, film editing industry as a professional, then you have to look at the software more carefully, for example: look at its advance editing tools, budget, technical support, tutorial and so on.

Your budget

As said above, make sure that you want to become professional video editor, you will have to look at your budget. How much are you willing to pay for the software? With less then $100, you can get rather good video editing software like Filmora video editor, Movavi video editor or VSDC Video editor pro version and so on. From $100 up, you will have wide choices, professional option like Camtasia studio, Davinci Resolve or Hitfil Express. So, it is important to consider your budget.

Try first, buy later

Yes, you should always try the software first and buy it later. The time consuming depend on your daily working hour. Most of the publisher allow user a free trial period, maybe 14 days, 1 months or even free version with watermark like Filmora or Movavi.

Make use of tutorial videos on YouTube

YouTube has become one of my favorite channel to check any software. At first, I will check if the publisher has their own YouTube channel to show product tutorial videos made by themselves or not. Then, I will check how the users react to the use of the software before trying to download and install it.

Bottom line

These are the best free video editor according what we have reviewed so far. If you have any other suggestions, please share with us. Remember to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future.

Editor’s suggestion: ActivePresenter – Free Screen Recorder & Video Editor For Windows & Mac. Try it Now!

Good luck!

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“Updated on January 04th 2018”.


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  1. Hi Jacky! As usual, this is a really great post with useful software. I am a big fan of you. Among these freeware, I am especially impressed with ActivePresenter and VSDC. They are so easy to use for creating tutorials and product demonstration as said. Again, thanks for your time writing reviews on these free video editor. Keep posting nice article like this.


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