ActivePresenter 7 Is Now Released With Lots Of Enhancements

ActivePresenter 7 new interface
ActivePresenter 7 New Interface

Atomi Systems officially announced that ActivePresenter 7 is now released with many additions and enhancements. Still a professional software, but more powerful than before with all the tools needed to keep you staying ahead of the curve. We will check its features carefully and publish our review about this software at soonest time. You can download and try it from now.

Download ActivePresenter 7 here!

They say:

Screen Recording

With a lot of big updates and significant enhancements in this new version, it’s now become much easier to create video demonstrationssoftware simulationsvideo tutorials, and training videos. All you need is ActivePresenter 7, no need to install any other application.

Record everything you want on your computer screen, from sound to action, and add voice-over easily. In addition, if you need a how-to video with visible instruction, use webcam recording – a very new feature to record screen and webcam simultaneously. Besides, you can record webcam to have a new video to use in your projects.

ActivePresenter 7 has two separate recording toolbars for recording video demos and simulations, which simplifies the recording.

Smart annotations added in every simulation you create can be a time saver. Those annotations are automatically inserted when you create simulations to let viewers know how and what you are going to do with the target. It can’t be more visual and intuitive.

Video Editing

ActivePresenter 7 is all you need to edit videos like a pro thanks to a powerful timeline, strong prebuilt-tools and dozens of animation and transition effects.

  • Basic editing features: cut, crop, split, join, change speed, change volume, closed caption etc.
  • Advanced editing tools: picture-in-picture, blur, green screen, noise removal, audio fade, etc.

All of them are right at your fingertips to have the work done easily, in just a few clicks.

As a reminder, refer to the article introducing new features and updates for creating screencasts and editing videos for more details.

eLearning Authoring

Not only a strong screen recorder and a video editor, ActivePresenter is also a well-known eLearning authoring tool. It helps you design online quizzes, eLearning contents, training courses, and interactive simulations effortlessly. Let’s see by yourself a plenty of changes and improvements in this version.

9 Types of Question [Enhanced]

Take advantage of different types of question to encourage learners to apply their knowledge to take the test, boost learner engagement, and rank them.

  • True or False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Response
  • Essay
  • Fill in Blank
  • Fill in Multiple Blanks
  • Sequence
  • Drag-n-Drop
  • Rating Scale (likert)

Quizzes in ActivePresenter 7 are more than just adding a question slide and writing contents. You are free to increase or decrease the number of answers in each question, customize quiz font and style your way in just a few clicks.

What’s more, try creating random questions to test learners more effectively. Using this feature will eliminate the chance that learners can quickly finish the quiz by remembering the question sequence.

Responsive Design [New]

Use responsive design to make your projects look good on any device. This is one of the most critical additions that makes ActivePresenter even stronger. It allows creating a single project which displays perfectly on any screen size.

ActivePresenter defines five default responsive layouts which correspond to most popular device screen sizes to get you started. Of course, you can add a responsive layout to support a particular device if you want.

  • Desktop with the viewport of 1280×620
  • Tablet Landscape with the viewport of 1024×674
  • Tablet Portrait with the viewport of 768×930
  • Mobile Landscape with the viewport of 667×345
  • Mobile Portrait with the viewport of 375×522

Enhance the interaction between learners and the test by taking advantage of interaction objects with:

  • Rich interactions
  • Events & conditional actions
  • Variables & JavaScript

Theme and Template, Slide Master, Multiple-State Object [New]

Themes and templates are available for you to create dynamic contents in the shortest amount of time because you can reuse the project preferences (e.g. slide layouts, object properties) across multiple projects. It also ensures the workflow consistency especially when multiple authors are working on same projects.

Slide Masters allow you to easily customize your slides and slide layouts. It provides a uniform appearance for your project.

On the other hand, multiple-state objects bring you a lot of advantages:

  • Develop interactive contents easily without using multiple objects or constantly hide and show them in a single project.
  • Declutter and simplify the Timeline. For example, to change the color of any image based on viewer actions, just use different colored states for a single image rather than inserting many objects with separate colors.

For more details of new features and enhancements for eLearning design, see Introducing new features and updates for eLearning authoring.

Project Exporting

With ActivePresenter 7, you can export contents to many output formats that are ready on the go:

  • HTML5, HTML Slideshow which are used to export eLearning contents and interactive simulations.

You are able to build impressive contents, pack them to SCORM and xAPI and integrate them with modern LMSes.

  • Videos which are suitable for exporting video demonstrations and software simulations that don’t require learner interactions.
  • Other output formats such as image, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Download ActivePresenter 7 right now to get yourself started in creating impressive screencast videos, designing eLearning games as well as other eLearning contents.

Let ActivePresenter 7 set you apart.

A part of this post is generated from Atomi’s blog! View it here!


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