ActivePresenter VS. Icecream Screen Recorder: Which Is Better?

ActivePresenter VS. Icecream. Which one is better in recording video and capturing screenshot for creating tutorials and product demonstrations?

ActivePresenter and Icecream screen recorder are the most popular video recording programs for Windows and Mac at present time. If you are in need of a screen recorder and can’t decide which one is better for your business, let’s figure out here.

ActivePresenter V.S Icecream Screen Recorder

User Interface

Both ActivePresenter and Icecream have intuitive UI that you can quickly learn how to use them. Both programs let you capture screenshots and record videos from your desktop at full HD quality. None of them leaves watermarks on your recording in free version. There are only some minor differences as below:

  • Icecream allows you to record video and take screenshot directly from the interface. You are able to customize video, audio and image settings without creating a new project. The recording will be saved to your computer without rendering steps.
  • ActivePresenter gives you more choices from the interface than Icecream since it is not only designed for video recording. In order to start capturing procedure, you can choose Record video directly or Create Blank project. In both ways, you will have the possibility to edit your footage in its video editor. As a result, you will have to export/render your recording to get final result.

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Both of them are free!!!

For those who are wondering if these programs are free or not? I’d like to confirm that they are completely free to use. This means you can download and use them without any limitations. Anway, you’ll need to consider below things:

  • Icecream only allows you to record video up to 10 minutes in its free version. If you want to remove the limitation, you will need to go pro at $15/ year or $49 per license.
  • ActivePresenter will not leave a watermark or time limit on your recording in its free version. However, you can only export your video into MP4, MKV, WebM, MOV and AVI without watermark. If you want to export to other output formats such as HTML5, PowerPoint, Excel, Words and so on, the result will be watermarked. To get full features, you’ll have to purchase pro version at $149 per license/ lifetime.

They are safe!

According to our carefully tests, both programs are safe to use, virus free, no malware or third party installation request. They are both compatible with Windows and macOS X. You are advised to read carefully the system requirements before trying to avoid wasting your time.

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Feature Comparsion: ActivePresenter wins the game. But Icecream can take screenshot faster.

If we look at the feature descriptions of both programs, you will easily find out that Icecream is not the program for you if you want to edit video or image afterward. You need to set up video format, image type, save location and all other stuff before you click on Record Button. In return, once everything is settled, you can take screenshot faster with mouse click or hotkey. It is the same in recording video.

In ActivePresenter, it is more flexible than Icecream. You can choose to record video, audio and webcam at the same time or separately without annotations. The video editor will allow you to do all the stuff later inlcuding cut, trim, crop, blur video and add annotations to your recording. Added to that, if you made any mistake during the recording, you can easily fix it in ActivePresenter’s editor.

Take a look at this camparison table between ActivePresenter and Icecream Screen Recorder

Feature Description ActivePresenter Icecream
Price Free Free
Record full screen Yes Yes
Customized area Yes Yes
Watermark No No
Time limit No 10 minutes
Edit video Yes No
Annotation tools Yes Real-time tools
Capture image Yes Yes
Record audio/system sound Yes Yes
Record webcam Yes Yes
Video qualtiy Good Good
Video output AVI, MP4, MKV, WebM, HMTL5, PDF, PowerPoint WebM, MP4, AVI, MOV
Software type Offline Offline
Operating system Windows/ macOS X Windows/macOS X
Download link Try Now Try Now

Which one is better?

So you know all the stuffs about Icecream and ActivePresenter now. Do you know which one is better? Honestly, it’s still struggle to make our decision. If you look at the feature comparion table, obviously, you may want to try ActivePresenter. However, the price of Icecream is way much cheaper than ActivePresenter. So, it’s better to spend some more time read our detail reviews about these programs:

In Conclusion

Screen recorder does not need to to be complicated. It can be a simple program like Icecream screen recorder. However, the way people creating how-to video, product demos or software simulation is much different now. They need more tools rather than recording video only. That’s what you can get in ActivePresenter.

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