Is ActivePresenter Safe? Here’s The Answer

Is ActivePresenter safe? Our Answer: Yes, It is!

ActivePresenter is a popular screencast software, trusted by millions of people. However, there are still many of our visitors wondering if it safe to use or not.

Though, we replied to every email that it’s completely safe to use, lots of people still ask the same question from time to time. That’s the reason we publish this short article here.

Read our full review about ActivePresenter here!

How did we test it?

  • Digital signature is valid for Atomi System INC.
ActivePresenter Download Package Digital Signature
Digital Signature Check
  • We’ve put the download url to check for virus by Virus Total

Here’s the report.

ActivePresenter check by Virustotal
Full Scan Report by Virus Total

Frequency Ask Questions of ActivePresenter

Question: What is ActivePresenter?

Answer: ActivePresenter is an all-in-one program, developed by Atomi System. The software lets you record video from your monitor in full hd quality and edit your recordings with lots of avanced tools.

Question: What is ActivePresenter used for?

Answer: It depends on you. Like many other software, the developer only gives you the tools. You will have to discover how to make use of it. Anyhow, these are common things you can do with ActivePresenter:

  • Create tutorial videos.
  • Edit videos for YouTube.
  • Create software simulation.
  • Design your first responsive elearnign course.
  • Create slideshow from images with music.
  • More..

For better view, take a look at this introduction video

Question: Which operating system does ActivePresenter compatible of?

Answer: Both Windows and Mac. Read carefully system requirement on the download page before you try it.

Question: Does the download package contain virus or malware?

Answer: Noop!!! We’ve tested it carefully with our tools. Don’t worry! You may find it really simple to download and install ActivePresenter on your computer. Just make sure that you click the link from Atomi’s official page. Worry, huh? Click below link will lead you to the page you need.

Download ActivePresenter

So you know, ActivePresenter is a safe program to try now. If you have any question about it, don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

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Good luck!

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