AZ Screen Recorder Review: No Root, No limit Android Recording App

AZ Screen Recorder is a great free and lightweight screen recorder for Android smartphone with only a small drawback. Read our detail review about this app here!

AZ Screen Recorder Full Review 2018
AZ Screen Recorder Full Review 2018

AZ screen recorder is a popular Android app which lets you record anything happening on your phone’s screen. You can download and install the app directly on Google Play in just a few minutes. Get this app here!

The UI and UX look fine with the options to set the controller in Floating mode or Bar mode. What ever you choose, you still have 5 options from the starting screen: Capture screenshot, Record video, Live stream, Settings and Library.

I tested all the features of this app, except live streaming because I don’t intend to go further with this app in streaming. Here are what I am sure about this application:

AZ Screen Recorder Free features

  • This is a lightweight and simple to use free screen recorder for Android smartphone.
  • It does not require root access to your phone.
  • Possible to record video and audio in MP4 format.
  • Take screenshot easily.
  • Set up screen resolution up to 1920×1080.
  • Record 60 fps.
  • Add and customize your own text watermark or logo to your recording.
  • Export/ compress your recording to get smaller size or lower bit rate.

That’s all you can get for free. Added to that, the application contains Ads that often appear after you finish your recording or when you access to the library. If someone told you this is ads free application, they lied! In order to remove ads and use other advanced features, you’ll need to donate or purchase the app. Luckily, the price is very cheap, just $2.5.

AZ Screen Recorder Pro Features

If you like the app, you can upgrade to VIP one time to get all these features on your device ( 3-days refund is available). They also give you an option to unlock all pro’s features in one day if you accept to watch an install another advertisement.

  • Magic button: This button is used to pause/ resume or stop recording without showing anything on screen.
  • Trim/Cut video: You can trim or cut video only when you are VIP.
  • Facecam or rear camera: This feature allow you record your phone screen plus your facecam on.
  • Draw on screen and convert to GIF.

Is AZ Screen Recorder good for recording gameplay?

From what I tested, the answer is YES. AZ Screen recorder can record your gameplay smoothly. At least, that’s what I’ve seen. I tried to play my favorite mobile game: Cross fire and Subway sufers on my Samsung A5 and the results are just fine. Anyway, I can see that the video file seems to be very large. You’ll need to make sure that your smartphone has enough empty space before getting started.

Here are some screenshots of this applications

Bottom line

AZ Screen Recorder is no doubt one of the most lightweight and easy-to-use screen recorder for Android phone you can use. It is safe and free. If you want to get Pro features, the price is great too. I hope my review give your enough information about this application. Don’t forget to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future!

If you need screen recorder for desktop, laptop or Mac, read our previous post: Top 10 best screen recorders of 2018.

Good luck!


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