Best Software For Making Video Lectures

Looking for a program that can help you to make video lectures professionally? You are in the right place now! This is the best software for making video lectures you can use for free on Windows and Mac.

ActivePresenter 7 new interface
ActivePresenter 7 New Interface

Video lectures are more and more popular in education nowadays. It is very common that educators create engaging lectures with texts, visual and audio to repeatably use for different classes. With the right software tool, the task become easier than you thought.

In today’s post, I will share with you the best software for making video lectures, called ActivePresenter. This is a stand-alone authoring tool you can download and use for free on Windows and Mac. Before you hit download button on Atomi’s home page, remember to read carefully their license terms and system requirements of ActivePresenter. In brief:

  • ActivePresenter is free to use for personal and none commercial purpose.
  • Latest edition of ActivePresenter can only work on 64 bit Windows, macOS X 10.11, macOS 10.12, macOS 10.13.
  • There is only one setup package which will serve as both Free and Paid editions.
  • With Free edition, you can create video tutorials, export to other formats will have a watermark.
  • Activating with a license key will remove the watermark on appropriate outputs i.e HTML5, PDF and some more types.

Watch this video demo to understand more about ActivePresenter 7

You can try ActivePresenter yourself to see how it can help you making engaging video lectures and share with us your experiences.

Download ActivePresenter 7 here

Okay! Let’s figure out why ActivePresenter is the right tool for creating video lectures now!

ActivePresenter – The best software for making video lectures: Key features

As easy to use as PowerPoint

Looking at the interface, you will easily recognize that its design is somehow similar to Microsoft PowerPoint, one of the most powerful presentation software in the world now. In ActivePresenter, you can prepare and customize your videos as slides like what you often do in PowerPoint. The toolbars are arranged logically with Home, Slide, Annotation, Interactivity, Export and so on. Supposing you are capable of creating PowerPoint presentation, then you can get accustomed to ActivePresenter working area quickly.

ActivePresenter working area
ActivePresenter Working Area

Improve PowerPoint to a new level

You may wonder, if ActivePresenter is similar to PowerPoint, then why should you use it, not PowerPoint? The key point is ActivePresenter has unique features that PowerPoint can not bring to you. What are they?

  • Full HD Screen Recorder: Despite the fact that PowerPoint has a simple screen recorder for recording full or part of the screen, it is way too simple that I’ve never want to use. You will easily recognize that ActivePresenter’s built-in screen recorder is much more powerful than PowerPoint in any circumstances. It lets you record customized screen resolution, your webcam, audio from mic and system sound simultaneously. You can also choose expected frame rate, cursor path, customize hotkeys and many more.
  • Editing video: In PowerPoint, you are still able to trim and save your video as media file. But, the feature is very limited. You can’t get advanced video editing features like Chroma key, Text-to-Speech, Picture-in-Picture, Blur moving objects, Split screen like ActivePresenter does.
  • eLearning authoring tool: Normally, when creating video lectures, you may want to turn them into completed eLearning courses. That’s how ActivePresenter can help you. It is one of the most powerful eLearning authoring tools in the world now.
  • ActivePresenter is free to use while you need to go for Microsoft monthly subscription to use PowerPoint.

These are some key differences between ActivePresenter and PowerPoint.

Create your own video lecture with ActivePresenter

As mentioned, ActivePresenter has a built-in screen recorder, meaning that you can also create your own videos from screencasting to add to your lecture. For example, when preparing a lecture, you may want to give your learners an overview of what they are going to learn from you by recording your screen, showing them all the slide with your commentary, your picture at the corner and so on. Once you are done, import your footage into the editor and join it with the other slides easily. To do that, simply follow these steps: On the working area, choose Annotation-> Record Video. On the recording toolbars, choose full screen or customized resolution, record webcam, audio and click red button to start recording. Press Ctrl + End to stop.

ActivePresenter Recording Toolbar
ActivePresenter Recording Toolbar

Export your video lectures into various formats

Like other video lecture makers, ActivePresenter give you the opportunity to export your project into various video formats such as MP4, AVI, MKV, WebM, MOV which are supported by YouTube, Facebook and other video sharing channels. Added to that, you can also choose to export your lectures into PPT, Words, PDF, Excel and HTML5 in SCORM and xAPI (Tin Can) that runs on any modern browsers and devices.

ActivePresenter Export Options
ActivePresenter Export Options

Cost-effective software for professional video lecture creators

If you do a quick research about such kind of software i.e all-in-one program for creating videos, screencast and elearning courses, you may find our iSpring Suite, Adobe Captivate 9, Articulate 360 or Camtasia studio and more. Most of them have higher price than ActivePresenter while the features are the same. Of course, I know that they are not created equally. But who need a $1000 program for creating video lectures, right? I made this short video last year about 5 best elearning authoring tools in 2017. Watch it to see the differences among these programs.

If you like this program and would like to go further with it for your commercial purposes, take a look at its price table from below screenshot. Remember that ActivePresenter is completely FREE to use for personal and none-commercial purposes only.

ActivePresenter Pricing
ActivePresenter Price Table

Learn more ActivePresenter 7 here

Bottom line

Choosing a software to create a tutorial is extremely important. Basically, there are very few professional software that allow you to use it for free like ActivePresenter. Most software only allow you to try it in 10 to 15 days. So why not try it? I hope you have good time with it and don’t forget to share your experiences with us about this program. Don’t forget to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future!

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Good luck!






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