Best Screen Capture Software 2018: Take Screenshot, Edit and Share Easily

Best screen capture software 2018 for Windows and Mac. These are the easiest tools for taking screenshots from your computer now!

Best Screen Capture Software: ActivePresenter, Snagit 2018, Snipping Tool and Icecream
Best Screen Capture Software 2018: ActivePresenter, & Snagit 2018

Screen capture software is a simple tool you can use to take screenshot from your computer. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Such programs are useful for making tutorials, product demos or software functionality description. There are many good screen capture software you can try now for free. They are not only possible to take screenshot but also possible to add your own annotations to the picture, change the color, crop it or resize it and so on.

After spending many hours testing the best of the best screenshot tool, we’ve rounded up this list of 2 best screen capture software 2018 for you right in this article. One of them is completely free and powerful enough for the said purposes. The other is a cost-effective screenshot tool from TechSmith. Read our below in-depth review of these programs to pick up the best suitable for your needs.

Summary of what we found out

  1. ActivePresenter: The most easy-to-use yet powerful screen capture software for Windows and Mac. The program has all necessary tools for taking screenshot, record video, edit and export it to various formats.
  2. Snagit 2018 – $49.95: A premium screen capture software with cutting-edge technology for screen capture that you can’t get in any other tools on the market now.

How We Tested

We spent our time to test more than 20 free and premium screen capture programs carefully within a week. Base on the results, we picked out the most simple-to-use programs, looked at their additional features such as recording videos, editing capabilities, pricing plan and so on. After that, we started using each program to learn how it works. That’s an important step to know if the program is intuitive enough for you to try.

Then, we run each program, took screenshot in various formats and scan the results to see which program can produce good quality images with smaller size than the others. We also looked at the image editor to figure out what more we can do than only capturing screenshot such as adding texts or shapes to image, resize, crop image and export these edited picture into other formats that we can use on Website, videos or learning courses.

Finally, we write a full review about the program, showing all its pros, cons, where to download and how to use it in a separated article. As you can look around our site, all of our below suggestions appeared in our recent posts. That’s the way we tested these programs in this article.

Ok, let’s take a look at them now!

Best Screen Capture Software 2018

1. ActivePresenter – Best overall free screen capture software for Windows and Mac

ActivePresenter is a little-known screen capture software but very famous in screencasting and e-learning industry. It is designed mainly for creating responsive e-learning courses. In ActivePresenter, capturing screenshot is only one of its amazing features. For example, when writing a tutorial for your products or services, you have captured a bunch of photos and want to create a slideshow from those photos with background music; you may want to add a video to the slideshow and want to render the whole file into MP4, ActivePresenter can do these tasks in just a few minutes.

Additionally, ActivePresenter lets you record full high definition video from your computer screen, take screenshot any time during the recording time with hotkeys. It is also a powerful video editing tool with many advanced features like Chroma key, Text-to-speech, Picture-in-Picture, crop, blur, split or merge video as well as Zoom-n-pan.

Further to our latest researches, millions of educators, teachers and trainers are using ActivePresenter to make screencasting videos, tutorials, product demos and e-learning courses nowadays. You should try it too!

For better understanding about this program, please visit our in-depth review about ActivePresenter to see how it works here!

ActivePresenter Screen Capture and Video Editor
ActivePresenter Screen Capture Software


  • Take screenshot on your computer without watermark.
  • Annotate you screenshot with built-in annotation tools: You can add and customize texts, images and shapes to your images.
  • Resize, re-scale your screenshot and save it to JPG, PNG, Bitmap.
  • Create a project with multimedia files like images, videos and slides.
  • Record video from your computer in full screen or part.
  • Edit video: cut, trim, crop, blur, zoom-n-pan, apply transitions and chroma key. Add and adjust audio, video speed, split and merge clips and more.
  • Export video into MP4, AVI, WebM, MKV and HTML5.

Download it free here

2. Snagit 2018 – Best budget screen capture software of TechSmith

Snagit is one of the most simple to use screen capture software we found on the market now. It is not as powerful as ActivePresenter in some cases. And it is not free to use too ($49 per license after 15 days trial). However, Snagit 2018 is the tool we recommend you to give a try if you don’t have any work related to editing video or developing e-learning courses. Snagit has some unique features such as panoramic scrolling capture, capturing scrolling page, grad text, record and edit video and ready-to-use sets of call-outs and annotations that help you work more effectively. Read our full review about Snagit 2018 here!

Snagit-13-Capturing Window
Snagit Capturing options


  • Smart and simple to use program.
  • Capture image, cursor, video and audio easily.
  • Recording full screen, regional, webcam or scrolling page.
  • Built-in video editor with capture info effect.
  • Shapes and Annotation tools available in editor.
  • Back ground auto fill function.
  • Adding stamp, call out, transition or workflow.
  • Manage files in Snagit’s library.
  • Share on Google drive or on TechSmith’s server

These are the best screen capture software 2018 according to our latest researches. There are few more simple-to-use program you can also give a try like Icecream screen recorder, Snipping tool ( built-in screenshot tool of Windows) or FastStone Capture. All these programs are also tested by our experts. If you wish to use them, just follow the links we put below its name.

Bottom line

We hope you find your best screen capture software in this article and don’t hesitate to share with your the tool you are using to take screenshot from your computer. There may be some secrete programs that we haven’t known yet somewhere. Let’s us know. Elearning Supporter is the only place you can read honest reviews about screen recorders, video editors and e-learning authoring tools now. Don’t forget to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future!

Good luck!








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