How To Screen Record On PC and Smartphone?

Wondering how to record screen on your PC or smartphone? You are at the right place now. This article will teach you how to record video on your computer’s screen and your smartphone with audio quickly.

ActivePresenter Safe Screen Recorder
Record Screen on your PC with ActivePresenter

There are different programs for recording screen on PCs and smartphone whether you are using a Windows 10 laptop, a Macbook, iPhone or an Android device. However, they have the same functionalities i.e capture your screen and save as videos or images on your computer or smartphone. To understand more about screen recording programs, I suggest you go to Wikipedia and spend some time reading this topic – Screencast.

In today’s I will share with you some useful tips to help you record screen on your PC or smartphone in the most convenient ways. To get started, you’ll need to download a screen recording program to start the job. It’s not big deal, you’ll have 2 powerful and free programs in this article.

Let’s getting started with how to record screen on your PC first!

1. The Best Screen Recording Software for your PC

ActivePresenter is my favorite screen recording software for recording video with voice-over on my computer, a Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 laptop. My laptop is installed with Windows 10 professional version and the specs is not as powerful as other gaming monsters. Anyway, it’s powerful enough to record screen with ActivePresenter.

Take a look at the interface of ActivePresenter down here. It’s slightly different compared to other simple screen recording programs because this software is not only designed for video recording but also editing video and creating e-learning courses. If you are not familiar with such kind of all-in-one programs, don’t worry! You can learn how to use it in minutes. And the demo video is right in this topic too.

ActivePresenter 7 Interface
ActivePresenter 7 Interface

Advantages of using ActivePresenter to record screen on your PC

These are the features that I like most in ActivePresenter. There are many more features that I’ve never used (I tested them all actually).

  • It’s completely free to use without watermark or time limit (I mean video length limitation).
  • It can record my screen in full high definition quality in various modes such as full screen, a fixed frame or a locked application.
  • It can record my webcam, audio from the mic and system sound.
  • Recording mouse cursor with customized shape is as simple as any other programs you can find on the net.
  • I can edit recorded video once my recording is done. Actually, this is the main reason I like to use ActivePresenter most. In ActivePresenter, you can do almost everything with your video such as cut, trim, crop, split and merge video, add text, animated title, subtitle to video and many things more. It even has Chroma key. Discover all its features yourself is the better way to understand about it.
  • Once I am done with my editing work, I can export the project into MP4, MKV, WebM, MOV and HTML5 (this format will be watermarked).

Okay! That’s some useful information about ActivePresenter. Take a look at this video to learn how to screen recorder on your PC. It’s easy like a piece of cake.

(This tutorial video is actually for version 6 of ActivePresenter. It’s slightly different with version 7. Anyway, when you have ActivePresenter version 7, just click Record Screen button on the interface and you’ll get the same recording toolbar).

Download it free here

2. The best program to record screen on your Android smartphone

Frankly speaking, I don’t often record screen on my smartphone because I have no thing to do with such kind of recordings. But, I’ve looked at some great programs for video recording on Android. And one of my favorite is AZ Screen Recorder, a free and no root screen recording app for Android devices. I even wrote a detail review of this app. Read it here!

AZ Screen Recorder

The best parts of AZ Screen Recorder (From my point of view)

  • It’s free and safe to download from Google Play Store.
  • It’s capable of recording video from your smartphone and take screenshot easily.
  • You can record games, add watermark to video and compress the output file too.
  • It’s cheap to buy if you want to have more advanced features ~ $2.5 only.

I suggest you download and try it and evaluate this app yourself to get better view of the app.

3. How to record screen on iOS/ iPhone?

Frankly speaking, I am not a big fan of the Apple. However, I owned many Apple’s devices like the iPad mini, iPhone 4, iPhone 6 plus and a big screen iPad which I don’t really remember how to call its name correctly. These devices I bought for my children and my grand mother. They are using such powerful devices for playing games only. It’s such as waste of resources I thought.

iPad mini 4
Image source: CNET

(This iPad looks similar to the one I am using)

I’ve made some tests and found a powerful and free screen recording software for iPhone, iPad, or iPod from TechSmith. You can take a look at this powerful program too. Watch below tutorial video:

Bottom line

Before you hit the download button on the publisher’s homepage, remember to read carefully their terms and conditions of use. Although I reviewed it carefully before putting them here. Anyway, who know when they change it. If you like my post, remember to share it with your network.

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Good luck!


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