Davinci Resolve 15 Review: Pros, Cons and Where to download

Davinci Resolve 15 Review: A decent yet powerful video editing software for free users. Read our honest review of Blackmagic Davinci Resolve 15 Public Beta version here to understand more about this software. It’s worth a test drive for professional filmmakers and pro-editors.

Davinci Resolve 15 Color Page
Davinci Resolve 15 Color Page

Davinci Resolve is one of the most powerful free video editors without watermark for Windows, Mac and Linux we’ve reviewed carefully. The new Davinci Resolve 15 public beta, released in April 9, is no doubt the most professional free video editing software we have ever experienced. The program is packed with numerous improvements to the User interface, Project settings, Preferences, Export and its performance. Blackmagic Design boasted to help users work faster with this new version of Davinci Resolve. Are all features as good as they describe? Read our detailed review of Davinci Resolve 15 down here to understand more about this great program.

To get started, you’ll need to download Davinci Resolve 15 on Blackmagic Design home page. There are different version for Windows, Mac and Linux. Once you hit the download button, you will need to register with your name, email, phone number, country and state. They also ask you some questions about the product and which features you want to add to this free version. It’s just a common process and won’t take long. Remember to check your storage capacity since the download package size is around 785MB. When you are done, you can start using the program within a couple of minutes installing on your computer.

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We spent over 40 working hours testing Davinci Resolve 15 public beta version with different kind of projects and settings to get the best view of this program. According to Blackmagic, “Davinci Resolve 15 has the features professional editors, colorists, audio engineers and VFX artists need, and built on completely modern technology with advanced audio, color and image processing that goes far beyond what any other system can do. With this release, we hope to inspire creativity by letting you work in a comfortable, familiar way, while also giving you an entirely new creative tool set that will help you cut and finish projects at higher quality than ever before!” said Grant Petty, CEO Blackmagic Design in their 282 page Davinci Resolve 15 new features guide. After our test, we really appreciate these improvements. Keep on reading to learn more about it.

Davinci Resolve 15 Public Beta important notices from our experts

  • Davinci Resolve 15 is completely free to download and use without any restriction. You can use it for editing any kind of video or image project and export your job into various formats without watermark or time limit.
  •  You’ll need a powerful enough computer to get things done with Davinci Resolve 15. The program is dedicated to use GPU for processing graphics instead of your CPU. Especially when you want to create a large project with lots of videos, images and texts. If your hardware is not powerful enough, don’t try Davinci Resolve 15, get other free video editors like VSDC or Filmora!
  • This Davinci Resolve 15 Public Beta is not the final version of this software. Blackmagic plans to release their final edition within 12-18 months after April 2018.
  • Be prepared to learn a whole new video editing process with Davinci Resolve 15. It has nothing like other common professional video editing program you’ve found on the network such as Adobe Premier Pro or Vegas Pro 15 (I wrote a detail review of this software couple days ago, read it now!)


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  • Davinci Resolve 15 User Interface is a classic and multiple timeline editor with unlimited video/audio tracks: Like other professional video editing programs, Davinci Resolve 15 offers an intuitive and clear user interface. It has a line for Menu bar on top of the window where you can easily access to all the features of the program like File, Edit, Trim, Timeline, Mark, View, Playback and so on. It’s quite common in a professional video editing software.
  • If you go down further, you can see the Media Pool, this is the place for your resources. Your videos, images and audio are stored here. In the middle of the window is your project preview window and at the bottom is your editing timeline. There are dozen of things you can discover yourself cause it is time consuming to explain all the details here. Take a look at the screenshot of Davinci Resolve 15 interface.
Davinci Resolve 15 User Interface
Davinci Resolve 15 Interface – It’s intuitive and clear!

Important notices about the user interface of Davinci Resolve 15

  • The interface is flexible. You can change the size and position of any window on the interface. It can be done by drag and drop actions.
  • You can add as many timeline as you want on the editing workplace and each time line can contain up to 99 video tracks and the same number for audio tracks.

Davinci Resolve 15 Important Pages: Media Pool, Editing, Fusion, Color, Fairlight and Delivery.

These pages represent a part of your video editing workflow. For example, before you start assembling your clips and images, you may want to prepare your resources by dragging all the material into Media Pool. Here you can preview a clip, get the basic information of your clip/image and also add some annotations to it. That’s the first step. Next, you will need to turn into Edit page for assembling your resources. After you are done with assembling and cutting works, jump to Fusion page for VFX effects and Color page to work with color grading and Fairlight page for audio adjustments. Finally, use Delivery page to render your project into final results. There are bunch of advanced features in all pages. You’ll need to spend your time learning all these things if you are new to Blackmagic’s software. If you have some video editing skills, you will overcome the learning curves quickly. Take a quick look at all the pages in Davinci Resolve at below screenshots.


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Okay! That’s some useful stuff about this program. Here are its pros and cons from our point of view.


  • Completely free to download.
  • Has no watermark on the outputs.
  • Has intuitive and flexible user interface that anyone can learn easily.
  • Fully-packed with advanced video editing tools for filmmakers, compositors, artists and pro-editors in all-in-one package.
  • Great color grading and audio tools for professionals.
  • Supports most common input formats.
  • Excellent output quality with various formats.
  • Customize keyboard mapping for Adobe Premier and Final Cut X users.
  • Offers various settings in preference pages to save your time in working with large project.
  • Great technical support from person in charge plus a crowded user community to ask if you need any help.


  • It’s difficult to add VFX if you are new to Fusion.
  • Adding simple texts/ titles to video will become a hard work if your hardware is not powerful enough.
  • Need a very powerful computer to work.
  • The free DaVinci Resolve 15 includes all of the same high quality processing as DaVinci Resolve 15 Studio and can handle unlimited resolution media files. However it does limit project mastering and output to Ultra HD resolutions or lower. DaVinci Resolve 15 only supports a single processing GPU on Windows and Linux and 2 GPUs on the latest Mac Pro.
  • If you need features such as support for multiple GPUs, 4K output, motion blur effects, temporal and spatial noise reduction, de-interlacing, HDR tools, camera tracker, multiple Resolve FX, 3D stereoscopic tools, remote rendering, an external database server and collaboration tools that let multiple users work on the same project at the same time, please upgrade to DaVinci Resolve 15 Studio.

To learn more about Davinci Resolve 15, take a look at below introduction video again before you make your “download decision”.

Where to download Davinci Resolve?

User can go ahead to Black Magic Design home page to download Davinci Resolve for free at this link. Once you click the download button at their home page, you need to select your operating system, then register your personal information (no credit card is needed). Take a look at these 3 simple steps at below screenshots.

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Bottom line

Davinci Resolve 15 is no doubt the best free video editing programs for those who are looking for high quality software at no cost. However, you’ll need a powerful hardware to get things done perfectly. This is just the public beta version. We don’t know if the company offers it for free in the future or not. If you want to find an alternative of Davinci Resolve 15, read our below suggestions:

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Good luck!

Davinci Resolve 16 public beta is now live for free download and installation. The program is upgraded with loads of cool features. Here’s my quick overview of the program.

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