Camtasia 2018 New Features and Pricing Plan

So the new Camtasia 2018 is going to be live today. Here is some pieces of information we know about it right now. Camtasia 2018 comes along with the New Library, Theming and 60fps support plus massive small enhancements at the same price. Let’s check it out!

Camtasia 2018 – What’s new?

Users can now edit videos faster and better than ever with the new Camtasia 2018. The new editor is packed with enhanced video processing, all-new production technology, an innovative library, and creative assets to help you create more polished, professional videos.

  • New Library: Easily organize reusable video assets to speed up the video creation process.
  • Theming: create, save, and apply themes with custom color and font preferences.
  • Improved Editor Performance: The Camtasia editor has been refined to provide an overall smoother experience.
  • Up to 50% Less Production Time: Get faster rendering times—even on the most complex projects.
  • Edit and Produce at 60 fps: Import, edit, and produce your videos that were recorded at 60 frames per second (fps) for a smooth, polished result.
  • Free Assets: Enjoy a brand-new collection of free video assets including customizable intros, outros, lower thirds, and more. Instantly access them from the library.
  • Price: $249 for new customers. Existing customers can upgrade with special upgrade pricing for only $99.50
Camtasia 2018 New Features Review
Camtasia 2018 New Features Review

Our experts at Elearning Supporter are eagerly awaiting to test of this software to see if it to see whether it is as advertised or not. In the meantime, refer to some articles about Camtasia below:

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Bottom line

Camtasia is one of the most professional video editing programs for making online training videos, how-to video and product demonstrations for Windows/Mac you can trust. It’s free to download and try within 30 days as trial. You can access to TechSmith’s online store to download this version for free. If you want to give this software a test drive, you can get it right here.

Download Camtasia Now 

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Good luck!




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